Bon Voyage

Oct 29, 05 at 12:30 am

Flight Information:

Flight No: Thai Airways Intl TG 418 (B-777)
Depart: KUL, 2100 (Sunday, 30/10, GMT +8)
Arrive: BKK, 2200 (Sunday, 30/10, GMT +7)

Flight No: Thai Airways Intl TG 674 (A-340)
Depart: BKK, 0105 (Monday, 31/10, GMT +7)
Arrive: PEK, 0630 (Monday, 31/10, GMT +8)

It’s confirmed. I’ll be flying this Sunday heading towards Beijing to disembark another 8-days tour around the Chinese capital. Hope my camera won’t give me trouble. My equipment includes:

Panasonic FZ-3 Camera with extra battery
2 x 512MB SD Card
1 x 256MB SD Card
1 x 128MB SD Card
1 x 16MB SD Card
1 x Mini Tripod

Hope my photo taking adventure won’t go up in the smokes. Wish me luck and I shall repay with hundreds of photos.

Packing up!

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