Greetings from Beijing: Part 6

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We left at about 5.30pm and stopped by a tea shop nearby Summer Palace. We were ushered to a room and were introduced different types of tea – which in the end, we bought nearly RM500 worth of tea (Siao giler!).

It’s tea time!

We went for dinner afterwards which was located nearby our hotel. And the dinner was ordinary – nothing to shout about but satisfied because we were hungry! And we went back to hotel to have some good and relaxed sleep.


We started Day3 hauling our luggages as well before heading for breakfast. We were informed that we’ll spend a night at another city far away from Beijing. After breakfast, we went to National Jade Museum and Exhibition Center to see different types of jades available. The center was opened under supervision of the Chinese Government, so you won’t find any fake jades/crystal but the price is quite high due to its product quality.

We spent roughly an hour but did not buy anything. Next we visited Ming Dynasty Wax Museum, which was located right beside the exhibition center. It’s much like Madame Tussaud, the only thing different is – this wax museum ONLY displays things related to Ming Dynasty. No, you won’t find David Beckham wax figurine or Tom Cruise. All you can get is the Ming Dynasty emperors. The building looked small from outside but H-U-G-E inside. We were briefed by the guide, scene-by-scene. Each scene has its own story and there are roughly 20+ different scenes ranging from the rise to fall of Ming Dynasty. There is a scene where visitors can put on royal clothes and have their picture taken against the backdrop of an Emperor Hall.

One of the scenes in Ming Dynasty Wax Museum.

We spent another hour inside. It was 11am and will have lunch before disembarking to Great Wall of China. Lunch was rather weird this time – inside a jade gallery. Was told not to buy any jade as these jade were much pricier and were meant for foreigners (Japanese, American and European). So, I just glanced through-lor.

After lunch, we headed back to the wax museum and visited the building beside it, which sells crystal. Felt pretty bored as these stuffs suit women more than men (no offence here). We finally left for Badaling Great Wall at 1pm.


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