Greetings from Beijing: Part 7

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We reached Badaling Great Wall at about 1.3opm. We were warned of possible colder weather as it was located on some hills. Thick fog shrouded the hill – another photo taking opportunity gone!

The wall of Badaling has a total length of 3, 741 meters with an average height of 8 meters The highest part is 15 meters. The total area for a tour is 19, 000 square meters. The top of the wall can permit five horses to be ridden abreast. There are arched doors at the inner side of the wall with very little distance between each two doors. The arched doors lead you to the top of the wall by stone stairs.

Badaling Great Wall was very well preserved, although some graffitis could be found all over the wall – all contributed by nasty visitors who wanted to make their presence known. The stairs are very steep and I found it hard to climb and after reaching first station, I was sweating! I made a brief stop before ascending to the second station.

The highest point I could climb – Oh, I’m so pathetic and weak!

I’ve climbed the Great Wall and found out it wasn’t great at all.

We left the place at 3.30pm heading towards Sha Cheng for an overnight stay. Sha Cheng is rather a small town and is 2 hours drive from Beijing. We reached Sha Cheng at around 5.30pm and checked-in into the town’s most luxury hotel. Sha Cheng’s nightlife is rather dull. All shops will close at 6pm and at 7pm, you won’t see people walking around.

After refreshing ourselves, we had dinner at 6pm at the hotel – a surprise for us as it is a revolving restaurant. Food was ordinary but we really enjoyed it after another tiring day. We concluded that day with an early rest.


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