Greetings from Beijing: Part 9

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It was Day 5, woke up as usual and packed things up before heading for another dreadful, hard-to-eat breakfast. We headed back to Beijing which took 5 hours drive til my ass felt numb. The bus stopped at a store-cum-factory called Beijing Bao Shu Tang Sci-Tech Pharmaceutical. Bao Shu Tang has a few popular medical products notably the most sought after anti-burn cream. The demonstrator even demonstrated by holding a hot rod with his bare hands and applied some anti-burn cream to prove its effectiveness.
We left the store at 1pm and headed for another hot wok (steamboat) but this time it’s Beijing-style. It was incomparable to Datong’s but nevertheless, we enjoyed it. We left the place and headed to Great Bell Temple.

The bronze great bell hanging in the Great Bell Palace is said to have been made during the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644) and has a history of more than 500 years. The seven meters high, 47-ton bell was so skillfully made that its sound can be heard 40 to 50 kilometers away. This bell was praised as “the King of Ancient Bells”.

No.. not this bell. The King of Bells is inside the hall.

It was time for shopping. Everyone was so eager. It took some time before arriving at the first shopping place. There were many famous brands like DKNY, Versace, Chanel and so on. At first, I thought they were originals, but upon closer inspection, they were fakes, like Petaling Street in KL. I nearly tricked into buying them! We moved on looking for souvenirs and they do not come cheap. I’ve learned something useful when buying things, the power of bargaining.

If you like something, go and ask for the price but don’t agree on the price they gave if you find it’s quite expensive. Instead, ask for lower price. Normally, they will ask you to come up with the price. Don’t be afraid, just say the price where you think it’s acceptable and worthy. If they disagree, walk away. Usually, within few steps after you walked away, they will agree with your price.

This is one of the trick and it was useful for us. We ended up buying quite number of things. We spent an hour in that building and moved on as we will spend another hour at another shopping complex. Basically, every shopping complex is the same. The final price depends on how good you can bargain for it.

Shopping street in Beijing.

After spending two good hours shopping, we left for Cantonese-style dinner. It was already 10pm when we checked into hotel to prepare for another gruelling yet interesting day!


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