Greetings from Beijing: Part 10

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We woke up earlier at 6am as we’ll be having dimsum breakfast – and free of buffet at last! The dimsum place is famous with patrons ranging from popular actors to diplomats. While the place is heavily decorated, the food was normal.

The dimsum place.

After the breakfast, we went to Zheng Yang Men or Gate of True Sun. It is a popular fengshui tourist spot and explains why buildings in Beijing and around the world are built that way. We spent more than an hour inside.

The Gate of True Sun.

Thereafter, we headed for a shopping complex and spent another hour. We were about to leave when the bus reversed and accidentally hit another bus behind. The windscreen of the bus behind has broken and the ensuing arguments continued for another hour. We were late for lunch and hurriedly ate before leaving for the last shopping spot. I managed to grab quite a lot of things – paintings, souvenirs etc. and left Beijing for Chengde at 4pm.

The journey to Chengde took about 5 hours. Half way to Chengde, we stopped at a shop, and grabbed some food before continuing our journey. We reached Chengde at about 9pm and had our dinner. It was freaking cold too! We left and headed straight to hotel. It was definitely a long day for us especially having to endure hours inside the bus.


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