Vibrant Shanghai: Part 2

0620. The time we reached Pudong International Airport. Earlier on, I had to endure difficult 5 hours cramping myself in one of those Economy Class seats. And also thanks to the passenger behind me who kept pushing my seat. What an experience. Back to the topic, we also had to endure an hour just to reach the immigration counter. All due to influx of incoming passengers arriving at the same time. The moment we stepped in…

Me: “Wah…. China got cheap sales ah? Why so many kuai lo queuing up geh?”

Mum: “Yalor… how are we going to get out?”

Me: “The queuing line is so long like the Great Wall of China. Probably the longest queuing line I’ve ever seen!”

Aunt#1: “I think we need at least 2 hours to get out.”

Mum: “No gua…”

Me: “There you see those Chinese Immigration Officers. They’re working like tortoise. So slow. This is not good.”

We finally got out of there, hurriedly collected our baggages which had spun for xx times while our guide looked for her China counterpart. The weather was cool but slight drizzle. I saw the magnetic train but never get any opportunity to ride because we need to take breakfast nearby the airport.

Talk about breakfast, the food was bad. I forced myself to eat for fear I might get gastric later if I didn’t eat. And it didn’t help either as I had stomachache, probably due to the problematic food I ate earlier while on the plane. Phew, I really wanted to forget these misadventures.

The bus continued its journey to Shanghai. I was too tired so I took a nap. In the middle of it, I overheard Xiao Zhi (local guide) briefing us some of the landmarks around but didn’t pay attention to it. Anyway, the bus driver drove too fast that he couldn’t finish explaining the landmark before it disappeared from our sight. 


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