Vibrant Shanghai: Part 3

We reached the inner part of Shanghai at around 10am. The street was full of people and cars honking non-stop. We then headed to the place of interest called Yuyuan Garden. The garden was located deep inside, and we had to walk for some distance. The amount of people on the street was horrible. We had to stay in a group for fear of getting lost. And coupled with slight drizzle, we made our way through the entrance.

Yuyuan Garden, a place of peace and comfort in the heart of bustling Shanghai, dates back to the fabled Ming Dynasty. Now a popular tourist destination, Yuyuan began as a private garden created by Pan Yunduan, who spent almost 20 years – and all of his savings – to build a garden in order to please his parents in their old age. That is why he called this garden “Yuyuan” – because “yu” in Chinese means “peace and health”.

I was like going to faint because people, mostly tourists were jostling to get into the garden. Oh, what is so special about this garden and why everyone is so eager to get into it? Fearing the rain might get heavier, the guide quickly explained the surroundings to us. I did not bother to listen because I was busy taking photos.

Getting to the entrance

Almost there

Inside Yuyuan Garden

We spent like 2 hours inside the garden. The garden has marvellous view and it came no surprise that Yuyuan Garden is one of Shanghai’s top attractions. More photos below.

Dragon carving on the wall

Weird-looking rocks 

Classy architecture

A view inside the building

Nice view

More nice view


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