Vibrant Shanghai: Part 7

We took a break to have lunch before continuing our journey later. After lunch, we headed to a shopping area near West Lake to shop for souvenirs. We spent roughly an hour and bought a lot of souvenirs. Our next prime destination would be West Lake where we were scheduled for boat cruise at 3pm.

West Lake was indeed a crowd puller. There were loads of tourist buses plying by the road and lots of local and foreign tourists busy walking around and snapping photos. We gathered around and walked some distances before heading to our boat.

The boat

Originally a shallow sea inlet, due to the laying down of silt this six square kilometres (1483 acres) of water became the famous West Lake. With an average depth of just five feet the lake comprises five distinct sections. The largest part is known as the Outer Lake and it is bounded by the North Inner Lake, Yuehu Lake, West Inner Lake and Lesser South Lake. Held in the embrace of hilly peaks on three sides, this water wonderland has been an attraction for centuries and it is small wonder that it was a favourite imperial retreat. The lake and its environs have all the elements of a traditional Chinese garden but on a grand scale. The natural setting of strangely shaped peaks, serene forests and springs, dense foliage and a myriad of blossoms especially in springtime are enhanced by a treasury of sculpture and architectural features. Whatever the season, the panorama is pleasing to the eye and the nuances of light shade together with the moods of the weather present an ever-changing picture that justifiably has been described as ‘intoxicating’.

The boat cruise was indeed worthy as it enabled me to take more photos. :P  Our visit did not end there. We were taken to visit the park – definitely a-must. Every single flower, tree and scrub looked fantastic and beautiful. Our visit to West Lake was indeed an eye opener. Even the famous Italian explorer, Marco Polo once described Hangzhou as “Heaven on Earth”. It is true.

Beautiful scenery




The sky grew darker, we thought it was time for dinner. So, we headed for dinner. After sitting down, I realised it was only 5pm. The sky was the culprit, making us into believing it was time for dinner. But anyway, we just ate because we were due to watch a night show at 6.30pm. It was also the first time where we sampled hot wine. Almost made me puke. 😛

The night show was located near to the restaurant, so it took us 5 minutes to reach there. As the sky grew darker, the temperature dropped further. We were left giggling around while waiting outside the theatre. Anyway, we ran in after Xiao Zhi got our tickets because it was too cold.

I thought the show was nothing to shout about but I was wrong! It was truly an eye opener. The story began to unfold with scenes depicting different histories that took time in China. And they were really good especially during the war part. It looked exactly like real. I almost disbelief when I saw real horses running around and cannons were fired on the stage. Kaboom.. the crowd OoOooohHhHHhhhh and aAaAAaahhhHhHhh and they loved it. When it came to another scene depicting romance which involved nature like waterfall, there was water flowing all over the stage and they were smart to sprink some water to the audiences as well. Everything seemed so real. Everyone glued to their seats watching the show which lasted roughly an hour.

The crowd pleaser

Movements perfectly executed

The end of the show

The show ended and we were back to the bus. Although it was still early, we decided to call it a day to prepare for the next day. Literally, Hangzhou is a-must visit place for every visitor visiting China.


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  1. mayukoJun 19, 06

    When i at the west lake take the boat i also feel very cool… and feel fresh.. to enjoy the “xin geng” (“Heaven on Earth”)…but no chance to watch the show.. seen like very nice to watch…hehehe..

  2. chleongJun 19, 06

    Too bad you missed the show. It was dubbed as one of the finest shows in China because it was directed by famous Chinese directors. See next time when you visit Hangzhou, remember to ask for this show.


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