Vibrant Shanghai: Part 9

As usual, damn morning call distrupted my sleep and that morning was definitely the coolest. We had our breakfast ala western/chinese style in the hotel and the food was not bad! Probably we were hungry.

We have to endure another 2-3 hours journey up north to Nanjing today but first, we visited the last destination in Suzhou – a government-endorsed silk factory. Silk is Suzhou’s main produce and is famous for its high-quality silk products like blankets and clothings. The amazing silk has been said to be highly effective and useful. It warms up our body during winter and cools down our body during summer. How true is it, I truly have no idea.

The factory cum store offers visitors a closer look on how silk is produced. There were live demonstrations on how each processed silk is turned into final products. Besides, visitors also get to buy silk products at discounted price. I bought a few as souvenirs and they did not come cheap. Last but not least, there is also a small hall where models perform catwalks to showcase some of the clothes made of silk.

Silk weaving machine

Processing silk

Models parading silk clothings

We bade goodbye to the local guide before continuing our journey to Nanjing. I was so tired and slept all the way to Nanjing. We reached right before noon and it was time for lunch. Nanjing is famous for its smoked duck and we had the opportunity to sample it during our lunch.

The lake beside the restaurant

There are two further negative memories of the city. On April 18th, 1927, Chiang Kaishek launched the counter-revolutionary 4.12 Coup and established his power in Nanjing. Also, in 1937, the inhuman Nanjing Massacre happened. In six weeks, more than 300,000 Chinese people were killed including women and children.

No atrocity can go unpunished. After eight years of resistance, in 1945 the brave Chinese people eventually drove the barbarous Japanese invaders out of China’s homeland and the war criminals got what they deserved. However Chinese people will never forget the history. Pictures of the atrocities of Japanese soldiers taken by Japanese army photographers are exhibited in the Memorial Hall to the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre.

It was just so amazing to see the transformation of Nanjing in just 60 years after the massacre. Now, Nanjing is one of the most beautiful cities to live in.

We didn’t waste time. After lunch, we headed straight to the Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat Sen located at Mount Zijin.

The mausoleum is situated at the foot of the second peak of Mount Zijin. Construction of the tomb started in 1926, taking three years. On first July 1929, Dr. Sun was buried there. Sun has been respected as Father of Modern China since he fought unyieldingly against the corrupt Qing government and led the 1911 revolution to end feudal system and found Republic of China, leading Chinese people into a new era. He died in 1925 in Beijing.

In short, the visit was worthwhile. The surrounding was beautifully maintained and the view from the top was just too awesome.

Breezy walk

Endless stairs

View from top

We spent around 2 hours there and by the time we got down, the sky has darkened a bit. We proceeded to a jade gallery cum store to have a round of shopping. We didn’t spend too much time as we already felt tired. So we left and grabbed our dinner before heading to the hotel located near Fuzimiao. We had another round of shopping nearby our hotel after we checked in. This time, I managed to buy lots of souvenirs. The day ended with the purchase of another luggage because we had bought quite a lot of things since we were in Shanghai. 


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  1. mayukoJun 19, 06

    Then u should try to use ur silk blanket lah.. then ma know the function stated there is true o not loh…heheeh

  2. chleongJun 19, 06

    tried dy.. seems like no effect geh.. haha

  3. mayukoJun 20, 06

    I think may b the silk not suitable stay at malaysia kua.. Malaysia whether tak sesuai ler..heheh..

  4. chleongJun 20, 06

    or it can be fake silk. but i dun think it’s fake lor.. haha.. maybe i forgot to read its instruction how to use gua.. hahaha


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