Discover Hong Kong: Part 1

The journey started from Penang with an hour’s flight to Singapore. Thereafter we had an extra hour exploring the Changi Airport before continuing a four-hour flight to HK. It gave us some time to explore a bit , like the beautiful Orchid Garden. Very beautiful indeed.

Simple, yet nice deco in SIA aircraft

Nice brunch.

And the weather is so good.

Orchids galore!

And they’re so real!

The extra hour felt like few minutes. The next thing I could remember was, we were in the plane already!

It’s a long, long walk…

And the aircraft is so huge!

Hmm, which movie to watch?

Drunken prawns and Ah Yat’s style as lunch..


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  1. tlnahDec 19, 06

    where are the flight attendents?

  2. chleongDec 20, 06

    ermm.. it’s in my private collection.. haha

  3. dorryDec 21, 06

    publish out la….y put in private collection???bcoz got sth cannot let ppl know??=D

  4. chleongDec 21, 06

    hohoho.. want to see? come, i show you personally. kenny saw once and he nose-bled after seeing it.

  5. dorryDec 21, 06

    hahahhaa…he c u also nose-bled ah??hahahhaa…dun make me laught here eh…muahahahahahhaa….i scare i vomit wo..

  6. chleongDec 21, 06

    what i mean here is… he nose-bled after seeing those flight attendants photos…

  7. dorryDec 21, 06

    hahahahahhaa…ooook…i dun belief!!!faster post it up!

  8. chleongDec 21, 06

    i scare after you see, you will vomit blood.. and lose self confidence.. hahaha

  9. dorryDec 21, 06


  10. tlnahDec 23, 06

    muaha, post post post.
    then dorry can use them as a reference point ma


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