Discover Hong Kong: Part 2

Four hours later, we finally reached Chek Lap Kok International Airport at precisely 5pm. The airport is indeed huge and modern. I found it to be very much like our own KLIA.

My lunch has arrived…

Chek Lap Kok International Airport… and seas of people…

Our guide, Onn Chai was waiting for us at the arrival hall and he immediately took us to the bus. The sky was getting dark even it was only 6pm.

We then set out to the city centre, or to be precise, Mongkok to have our dinner. All along the way, we could see super tall buildings mostly apartments and condominiums and were amazed of those buildings when they were lit up at night. Impressive.

Buildings.. Sorry for the underexposed photo…

Streets at night

Land in HK is the most sought after thing as everyone tries to own a piece of gold or at least, be part of it. That is why buildings are built at least 30-50 stories high and they do not come cheap. A typical 400sf apartment can set back at around HK$400k and it’s only located outskirt of the city. Try buy an apartment or condominium nearer to the city, and it can cost you a bomb.

As we drew closer to the city, all the HK scenes which I’ve been seeing them in TVB dramas now happened to be right in front of my eyes. Not wanting to miss them, I quickly snapped some of the streets.

One of many many streets…

Close up photo of the street

Colorful neon lights

HK people strolling along the street

Cool engineering method…

People lining up to take away their food

Bikini-clad ladies karaoke center.. not meh?

One of the grocers by the road


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  1. mayukoDec 19, 06

    hmm…your lunch so delicious..yummy…! The view really like the TVB drama that i watch..haha..

  2. tlnahDec 19, 06

    r u reacting the Young and Dangerous movie?
    y all photos were taken at night?

  3. chleongDec 20, 06

    mayuko – lunch was okay. at least better than MAS. Yup, I agreed with you on the TVB part because from small til now, we have been watching TVB dramas too much and that’s why I kinda excited when I finally get the chance to see them in front of my eyes.

    tlnah – probably so. I’m scouting for suitable places in the upcoming Young But Not Dangerous movie starring Ivan Nah. Haha. Photos taken at night cuz I reached there already at night lor. LOL.

  4. dorryDec 21, 06

    end of story here…most of hong kong ppl is very RICH!!!!=D…ooop!…left out one more ppl..LCH also very RICH!!!able to keep travel around..huh…when only i able go trip …huhu….@@

  5. chleongDec 21, 06

    dorry, are you ok?? im not rich, not yet a millionaire.. hahaha

  6. dorryDec 21, 06

    cheh..u simpan simpan jie..hehe…but good to simpan now…later u hv gf d…wan be millionaire also hard d..hahhahahaa…

  7. chleongDec 21, 06

    yalor.. you see before this, kenny was very rich… nowadays he always complain that even a plate of economy rice is too expensive for him wor.. but a ps2 is cheap.. weirdo..

  8. dorryDec 21, 06

    hahahahaha….wei..i very good in save money for him le..i also din ask him buy clothes for me la…only sometime for food only ma..we take turn treat eat other for food n movie wan le..blek!just compare the ratio..he more me a bit only ma….huh~~ pity me…spend on food keep complaint exp but for his ps2 keep say cheap!!!huh~~~~~ god~~~tell me y~~

  9. chleongDec 21, 06

    haha.. cannot sacrifice entertainment.. it can last for years.. whereas food cannot.. once eat and digest, all gone to the sewerage.

  10. dorryDec 21, 06

    evil guy!

  11. chleongDec 21, 06

    a good plan can ensure you only spend on necessary things for your trip. so plan now la..

  12. tlnahDec 23, 06

    maggi mee would be ur main course for these coming years.
    stock up!!


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