Discover Hong Kong: Part 3

Few streets after and we reached our eating place located in a shopping complex. Dinner was alright but it was obviously better than those I had back in China previously.

Dinner is more to what we eat everyday.. so nice!

The restaurant…

Outside the shopping mall…

After dinner, we headed straight to a place called Lan Kwai Fong. This place is jam-packed with mostly expats and superstars. It’s much like our own Bukit Bintang but the number of bars definitely outnumbered ours. That night, we saw a lot of expats, but the sight of Andy Lau could not be seen. Nevertheless, we took photos of the famous street, had a brief walk before leaving for another destination.

One of the night markets…

On the way to Lan Kwai Fong, we have to pass Cross-Harbour Tunnel. Read the story about it earlier on.

We’re now in HK Island… more night shots

Bank of China view from the bus.. hehe

More on HK Island view at night…

Here we are.. Lan Kwai Fong.. let’s feng tau..

Santa Claus is hanging in the air.. so scary..

You’ve seen it on TV, now you can see it in my blog.. hehe

The road sign.. Poor those fellas blinded by camera flashes because people keep taking photos of the road sign

Part of Lan Kwai Fong road…

Near Lan Kwai Fong junction..


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  1. mayukoDec 20, 06

    Do you “feng tau” at the Lan Kwai Fong? Or just pass by there…? How is the whether there?

  2. chleongDec 20, 06

    20 minutes not enough for me to even drink a glass of beer. Haha. Surprisingly, the weather was great! Not so cold and not so hot!

  3. dorryDec 21, 06

    woi..the santa clause put so high for what..they can move wan??or just hang still there?? between..did u know price of the food ah???dun just keep eat ma..need do some research wan ma…so next time if wan go there without follow tour also know where to go ma…

  4. chleongDec 21, 06

    aiya.. u bring me la.. i become your guide for free.. hahaha.. without the guide, you will miss some of the interesting “pat gua” news about hk.. haha

  5. dorryDec 21, 06

    bring u???not u BRING us meh…hahahaha..we teman u…like that only sound correct ma..hehehehhee..wahahahhaha

  6. chleongDec 21, 06

    what rule is this? where got guide bring u wan??? should be u approach guide, then bring him along… gila.

  7. tlnahDec 23, 06

    yeah, we are going to hk
    thanks doris.


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