Discover Hong Kong: Part 4

We spent roughly 20 minutes loitering and taking photos at Lan Kwai Fong. The next place to visit was The Peak. We supposed to head straight to the peak, but because we were lacked of time, we ended up at “half the peak”! LOL!

On the way to the peak, I saw a lot of stunning buildings built on the hill. Stunning as in term of engineering feat. HK engineers are so confident of themselves that these 20-30 stories buildings are built beside cliffs. Scary indeed.

Over at “half the peak”, hordes of China tourists were there shouting and spitting. So damn disgusting. They also blocked other visitors from taking photos. I felt like giving them a slap in the face for being so ignorant and DIRTY! Nevertheless, I managed to jostle through the heavy crowd and captured a few photos.

Half the peak…

Not so great view..

We ended the night with a visit to Ladies’ Market located near Mongkok MTR Station.

One of the busiest streets near Ladies’ Market

An hour after that, which was 11pm, we decided to call it a day. We headed back to our hotel, which is Mexan Harbour. As the name suggests, the hotel is just right next to Rambler Channel, and just right in front of Kwai Tsing Container Terminals. Don’t jealous as I get a room with cool waterfront view and thousands of containers sharing the view with me! Don’t quite understand? Study the photos below and you get what I mean.

Superb view from 27th floor!

What a “lovely” view.. lol

Kwai Tsing Container Terminals

Want to know how big is my room? 194sq. ft.!

So-freaking small, can hardly move around. My movement is confined to areas mainly my bed. Hahaha.


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  1. mayukoDec 20, 06

    Many of the tvb drama when they act “discussion”/”king sou” also will take the view at The Peak. The Peak can watch most of the view of HK?

  2. chleongDec 20, 06

    If you see from the photos, “half the peak” already can see most of the buildings in HK. Yes, The Peak will definitely have “heaven view” or “sin keng” of the entire HK. Sadly enough, I wasn’t able to make it there.

  3. mayukoDec 20, 06

    hey.. i already read from part 1 to part 4 but.. ho… havent see single picture of mr leong inside oh… WHERE r u hide??

  4. chleongDec 20, 06

    I thought it’ll be better without me in it, don’t you think so? Haha

  5. dorryDec 21, 06

    hahhaa…yaya..i think better not include u inside..better view..hehehehe..else u will block the view la..hohohohoo…they spitting at half peak???how bout other place??other place they din split???hahhaa..they got sooo many thing to split wan meh??blek!!!wan vomit d…dun wan talk bout it d…

  6. chleongDec 21, 06

    china ppl is like that one la.. you wait til i write about shenzhen. i saw a china guy spit til i wan to slap him!!

  7. dorryDec 21, 06

    hahahhaa…what happen??keep split when walk few step???hahahhaha….wondering y they keep split out..coz they like malay when puasa/??cannot sollow air liar…erkkk~

  8. chleongDec 21, 06

    their mouth got bird shit… that’s why lor.. hahaha

  9. dorryDec 21, 06

    hahahha…y u will join china ppl wan???all combine wan ah??not only m’sian go tour together wan??

  10. chleongDec 21, 06

    that place is open to public mah.. 😛

  11. dorryDec 21, 06

    ooo..i though u all go visit together wan..hehe..

  12. tlnahDec 23, 06

    their mouth dun hav bird shit.
    it’s a bird ass !

  13. chleongDec 23, 06

    yah.. bird’s ass is more accurate.. because it shits every minute.. lol

  14. tlnahDec 23, 06

    i guess it’s a big bird’s ass


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