Discover Hong Kong: Part 5

Woke up at 7.30am the next day. Felt like my bones have been crushed the day before. So tired! An hour later, we set out to Tsim Tsa Tsui to have our breakfast. Yes, I have been looking forward to taste the real HK dim sum!

Feel like jumping down for a swim! LOL! 27th floor ain’t high…

Tall buildings everywhere

Hotel lobby

Our hotel from afar

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery @ Nathan Road

Time for dim sum breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all, white porridge with century eggs and shredded pork

Char siew cheong fun

Meaty siew mai

Har Kau.. damn nice!!

This ar.. inside got vegetable.. a bit oily but nice to eat while it’s hot

This is something like kuih melaka but less spongy..

Burppppp!! The best ever breakfast I had in HK so far! The feeling was just like… indescribable… *out of words* Seriously, you must try HK dim sum but of course you have to pick the right one lar. This restaurant is called “Very Good Seafood Restaurant” and is located along Nathan Road.

Signboards beside the road

Okay, we’ve filled up our stomach. What’s next?


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  1. dorryDec 21, 06

    ma de..make me feel like wan eat dim sum now!!!!!grrrrr..i want i want!!!!

  2. chleongDec 21, 06

    ok lor.. just 4 hours flight to hk.. very near only.. hahaha

  3. dorryDec 21, 06

    oh really!!!!good!!..lets make one day trip day for dinner!!!hahahhaa…make crazy night come true!!!yeah~~~~

  4. chleongDec 21, 06

    sure.. air asia flies there everyday to macau.. take 1 hour boat ride to hk then 30 minutes airport express to city then can enjoy dy.. hahahahaha

  5. dorryDec 21, 06

    okok…make it our gathering trip one day!!!!hehe..n u r the organizer =D..yeah!lch..u r the best!!!hhohoho

  6. chleongDec 21, 06

    okay, sure… dorry sponsor this gathering.. who want to join?

  7. dorryDec 21, 06


  8. tlnahDec 23, 06

    lch, ask her for downpayment before organising the trip ya

  9. chleongDec 23, 06

    she said she is saving rm1 every day.. so 5 years later only can go.. yeah!!

  10. tlnahDec 23, 06

    by that time, da price will increase. ask her to double her savings.


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