Sick… or Whatever

Been sick since last week, first from sore throat to runny nose to zesty cough. Don’t know what kind of viral is that.. so parasite.. live so long in my body still don’t want to leave. Dear immune system, faster think of a solution lar

And well, it spreads out to few people as well. Don’t want to mention their names here, else sure kena kutuk kao kao. They already curse me when they see me. But then hor, your immune system so cha meh, til attack a bit terus KO-ed. So, instead of cursing me, should thank me for disposing the weakness of your immune system. Wahahahaha.

As far as I concern, I know recently there has been inactivity in my blog. Well, let’s wait until I get better, I owe you all one giant entry ya.. Hahaha

Ok la.. want go toilet clear up my phlegm liao.. sigh.. people who don’t know might think I lao sai… cuz been frequenting toilet like every 30 minutes.. NOOOO.. it’s not lao sai ok!!!


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  1. tlnahMay 9, 07

    u owe those innocent people a treat !!!


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