Angkor Adventures Part 9 – Ta Keo

Oct 24, 07 at 12:00 am


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Our legs were getting sore as we’ve been walking under the hot sun since morning! And I counted myself lucky as my fever did not recur as for now, which has been bothering me since our arrival.

The driver stopped by the roadside, and we got down only to be greeted by another temple. We barely had time to catch our breath, so we were losing interest a bit to know what’s happening at this temple. Thanks to John for being so patient in explaining the features of the temple to us.

Ta Keo is an incomplete temple in the Khleang style built as the state temple of Jayavarman V. It was dedicated in 1000 but for reasons unknown work was later abandoned, with little decoration applied. It was dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. [Source]

In another word, this temple will serve as a practice ground for us to start climbing those steep stairs before heading to Angkor Wat later.

Ta Keo
Ta Keo

Ta Keo
Oh~~ Another adventure looming…

Ta Keo
The outer enclosure

We felt like giving up upon seeing the staircase because it was so narrow and steep.

Ta Keo
Taking the first step

GENTLE WARNING: The next few photos are not for those who have weak hearts.

Ta Keo
Handle with care, don’t climb recklessly!

John is really a master in stair-climbing. He ascended to the top within seconds. And he must be laughing at us all for being so slow.

Ta Keo
Keep it going!!

I’m still on the ground figuring how to make my first move. – photo courtesy of TL

I once again took the initiative to remind everyone to be extra careful with their steps although my heart was beating rapidly at that time. But everyone seemed like busy with their steps so I don’t think they heard me at that time.

Ta Keo
Don’t ever look down when you’re halfway climbing

The climb was hard but we did it. We were so thrilled with our lame efforts. Yeah, probably John was laughing at us…. ;p

Ta Keo
Geez, I’m getting cold feet…

All we get to see at the summit was this..

Ta Keo
An unfinished tower. No carvings, no nothing. Plain.

We spent couple of minutes at the summit enjoying the cool breeze.

And the nightmare came hunting us again, it was time to descend.

Let’s do this again! – photo courtesy of PC

We descended safely and left Ta Keo in no time. As we heading to Angkor Wat, again, we stopped by Terrace of the Elephants to take a detailed look at the elephant carvings.

Terrace of the Elephants
Do you able to see the elephant carving?

We finally left for Angkor Wat with Angkor Thom slowly disappeared from our sights.

Next up… The last piece of puzzle.. the majestic Angkor Wat

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