Angkor Adventures Part 11 – Nightlife in Town


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With the visit finally ended, we left with a heavy heart. A day’s visit to Angkor Archaeological Park is definitely not enough when there are so many things and temples yet to explore.

We had a pretty quick dinner as we were too hungry and our legs screamed for rest. After the dinner, we did not go back to our hotel. Instead, we headed to a massage parlour to have foot massage.

Yeah, with the price of USD10 per person for an hour’s worth of massage, it wasn’t cheap but I heard they are pretty good in this, so why not?

Cleaning our feet

Check out the video as well.

The foot massage was good, and highly recommended as well.


We initially planned to have a walk downtown Siem Reap after the massage and we were all but smelly and sticky, so we went back to the hotel to refresh up before continuing our second round.

Siem Reap’s nightlife stretches to near dawn these days with Pub Street coming to life around dusk and the last bars and clubs in town closing as late as 4:00am. Nightlife venues are scattered across the town but many are clustered in the Old Market area, especially along Pub Street. The bars in the Pub Street area offer amazing early evening happy hour deals and some places stay open well into the wee hours. [Source]

We did a quick study on the pubs and bars prior our arrival so that we could decide which to go.

The drive to the town took about 10 minutes. John dropped us at Pub Street near the old market to let us roam around for while. True enough, it was a happening place with quite a number of foreigners crowding most of the pubs, bars and eateries.

Pub Street
A very nice place to unwind after a day’s walk

Pub Street
It’s all in Pub Street

One of the Eateries @ Pub Street

We detoured from Pub Street for a while to have a look at what locals usually do at night.

Hawking in Siem Reap Town
Hawkers in town

We also checked out what locals eat…

Dinosaur Eggs
Duck eggs

Local Version of Satay
Their localized version of satay

We went back to Pub Street and chose Temple Bar to unwind ourselves after a rather long day walking around. It has a very nice deco, great ambiance, great music and great crowd.

Pub Street
Temple Bar

We went back after an hour to crash out. Lucky as tomorrow’s schedule will not be so tight, so we have extra time to recharge our “battery”.

That’s the end of Day 2, finally.

Next… Siem Reap from another angle, the great Tonle Sap!

More photos:

Siem Reap Day 2: Nightlife at Town


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  1. p_chen82Oct 26, 07

    Cant believe it is so happening at Siem Reap everynight, rite?

    The beer there is cheap as well. Each cup of beer is around USD0.70 – USD1! We drink everynight oh. haha…

  2. p_chen82Oct 26, 07

    The duck eggs is the old duck eggs, meaning you can see the whole baby duck with feathers, eye and claws. John told me he tried before but not always. erm… i dare not to try at all!

  3. chleongOct 26, 07

    Oh~ I wasn’t aware of that. Heh.

  4. p_chen82Oct 26, 07

    Because i did paid attention on wat john told us :p

  5. lhOct 29, 07

    the duck egg is also very famous in Philipine.. some Philipino friends of mine told me before.. it is good for men wor… @_@ CH, I challenge you!!!! you dare to eat or not? heheh..

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