Angkor Adventures Part 13 – Cultural Village and Apsara Dance


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After lunch, we headed to Cambodian Cultural Village located beside our hotel. It’s the biggest theme park in Siem Reap or perhaps Cambodia and it is meant to showcase the Cambodian culture to local and foreign visitors. Little did we know we were all bound for disappointments…

Cambodian Cultural Village
Roaring welcome

The theme park is separated into few sections; small museum, wax museum, cultural villages, miniatures a.k.a. the one I visited in Shenzhen last year, and other unaccounted attractions. We were guided though, as the park is “big” according to them.

We first went into the small museum, it describes the virgin Cambodia during the Genghis Khan era. Okay, I made that up. It showcases some ancient relics found in Cambodia, just like the batu bersurat thingy in our country. Nothing to shout about, so the visit was like 10 minutes.

Cambodian Cultural Village
A rather small museum

Next, we visited the wax museum. Again, it highlights the important stuffs in Cambodia which we didn’t really care. One thing though, the wax models are pretty impressive. Heh.

Cambodian Cultural Village
Wax model performing apsara dance

Cambodian Cultural Village
Ugh, what was that?

Cambodian Cultural Village
King and queen of Cambodia..

Cambodian Cultural Village
Perhaps the most popular wax figurines

Phew, we were getting bored of this place but then we had no choice. In nicer words, we were learning Cambodian cultures. In harsh words, we were killing our time here. Sigh.

The very next thing we get to see was this cultural show depicting a Cambodian wedding scene. Very typical show lah, what do you expect from a free-for-all show. After that show, we rushed to another cultural performance of another ethnic. Can you imagine we need to repeat the same thing for like 4-5 times rushing here and there to catch some uninspiring performances and the best of all, the narrator spoke in local language! By the time ALL the shows were over, the sky already darkened and we were forced to visit other attractions in almost total darkness. Damn! (Sorry no photos as they don’t deserve to be displayed here)

We left at about 7pm local time and it was time for dinner. We were promised of good food coupled with apsara dance show which we have been mentioning since our arrival. It was only 5 minutes drive and the very next moment, we were picking up food from the trays. Yes, it was buffet-style.

The show didn’t start until 30 minutes later. To cut short the story, the apsara show was a letdown. The reception was good but everyone was busy with their food. Who would have thought of watching the show when your stomach is screaming for food.

I managed to capture some moments though…

Apsara Show

Apsara Show

Apsara Show

Apsara Show
What are they doing on a small coffee table?

Apsara Show

Apsara Show

In the end, no one actually know what happened on the stage but one thing for sure, we cured our hungry stomach. Whoahahaha.

Next up… the final part, let’s enjoy the night!

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  1. p_chen82Nov 2, 07

    to be frank, i dunt like the activities after the tonle sap. It is so so so so boring and unhappy.

    No matter how, i enjoyed the moment after the dinner! I like Blue pumpkin cafe and dead fish tower. haha..

  2. chleongNov 2, 07

    Yeah, I also don’t like the post-lunch activities as well. The cultural village is fun if we’re not tied to those lousy shows.

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