Angkor Adventures Part 14 (Final) – Adieu Siem Reap


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After the bored apsara show, again, we went back to Pub Street to wind down ourselves and also to try out some nice looking pubs and cafes. We didn’t need to scratch our heads deciding which to go as I had decided on behalf of them. (No point asking as the answer will be “You decide” and “Anywhere”)

We have plenty of time to enjoy so we went to this nice and comfy cafe called The Blue Pumpkin which is located across the Pub Street. It’s so comfy that you almost can fall asleep the moment you are there.

The Blue Pumpkin
Feel sleepy eh?

The Blue Pumpkin specializes in pastries, sandwiches, pasta, ice creams and selected asian food. We ordered drinks and ice creams to savor.

Blue Pumpkin Cafe
Health drinks

Blue Pumpkin Cafe
Ice cream selection

Blue Pumpkin Cafe
Jungle jewel

Blue Pumpkin Cafe
Chocolate sundae

Blue Pumpkin Cafe
Angkor melba

Blue Pumpkin Cafe
Red skin

Blue Pumpkin Cafe
So comfy

We sat for 20 minutes and left for another place.

Camwhore first (Photo courtesy of Ivan)

Camwhore in front of the entrance (Photo courtesy of Ivan)

The next place that we went to was a “unique” bar called Dead Fish Tower. No, you won’t be able to see any dead fish.

Dead Fish Tower
Our special table on a very special “floor”

One look and you might think Dead Fish Tower is under construction. Well, it’s not and it’s their uniqueness.

Dead Fish Tower
Be careful of your steps

Maybe we came at the wrong time as there were few people. And it was hot and humid as well. We ended up sweating all over. Nevertheless, I think we enjoyed it, right? right? right? Right or not?

Dead Fish Tower
Modernized apsara dance

Dead Fish Tower

Dead Fish Tower
Beer boy

The beer was surprisingly cheap and a can of Coke is actually more expensive. Lucky it doesn’t happen here or else I’ll be an alcoholic!

Recommended by Lonely Planet as well (Photo courtesy of Ivan)

We finally left after an hour of bull-shitting.

Trying to be funny! (Photo courtesy of Ivan)


The last day began with usual breakfast and we checked out after that. Since we still have ample time, we decided to return to the old market for last minute shopping.

Old market.. no, we are not buying vegetables nor meat

Weird stuffs

After an hour of shopping, we finally returned to the airport. We bade goodbye to the driver, hang around at the airport before flying back home.

Siem Reap International Airport
New airport

Siem Reap International Airport
One for the album

That concludes our adventures in Siem Reap. I’m glad I enjoyed the entire journey and I hope my travel buddies will feel the same too. I won’t be returning there soon as there are many places waiting for me to explore. However, if you are planning to go there, I strongly suggest you to do so as the place is getting crowded each day and it is getting commercialized nowadays.

The travel agency which I deal with is called My Vacation Travel Sdn. Bhd. located at Megan Avenue 2 near KLCC. I personally think there is no need to get a proper package as this can be arranged when you reach there later. This will allow you more flexibility to choose the places to visit and skip those unnecessary ones. While a visit to Angkor Archaeological Park is a-must, a visit to Tonle Sap is highly recommended as well. Do spend some time to visit the landmines museum which I heard is pretty informative. As for night activities, you can go for body massage or have a beer or two at Pub Street. Whatever your plan will be, do include the sunrise and sunset views as well.

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Photos – My Siem Reap Collection @ Flickr

P/S: My travel buddies, I have completed the writeup. It’s my turn now to sit back and see what you’ve got to offer me.


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  2. chleongNov 5, 07

    My question to you is.. read the last two lines of this post.. then I shall tell you my next trip.. haha

  3. p_chen82Nov 5, 07

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