Photo Touch-Up: Blue Skies

Nov 2, 08 at 12:02 pm

Skies look dull on your photo? Didn’t manage to get the settings right?

Don’t worry! Photoshop can do wonders! Let me show you the right steps.

1. First open your desired photo in Photoshop. Make sure the exposure is correct.

2. Next create an adjustment layer. Select Gradient.


3. A dialog box will pop out for Gradient Fill. Choose the right angle. In my case, I’m choosing -90. On the Gradient, click on it to edit further.


4. On Gradient Editor, select the right presets, and under Gradient Fill, click on Color Stop as shown below, and adjust the color.


5. Don’t click OK just yet, as there are more settings you need to do. Set the Opacity Location by dragging the white tab as shown below. This is to ensure it only covers the sky and not the ground as well. See below for comparison when I drag the slider to the left. Click OK when done.



6. On blending mode for layer adjustment, choose Color Burn. Make sure you select the correct layer before doing so.


You’re done! Can see the nice blue skies now?? ^_^

Also, you need to choose the right blue color for your skies as well or else it will look fake.


Happy trying!

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