A Day in Sekinchan

I’ve seen paddy fields many times before when dad used to bring us to Penang. And while on the way, we usually pass by some beautiful paddy fields. But never in my life I would find myself stepping foot on the field itself.

Sekinchan, the place so famous among photographers for its paddy field yet when the opportunity struck, I didn’t hesitate.

It took us 90 minutes to drive from Kepong all the way to the little town, passing places like Ijok, Kuala Selangor and Tanjung Karang. Well, can’t say the drive was pleasant cuz the weather was hot plus my car’s other occupants were way too noisy! (Just kidding!!)

We were awestruck when we saw the first of many paddy fields. We made an impromptu stop and headed down to begin our “harvest”.

And we were told by the locals that there are more further down the road. We wasted little time and drove down a bit and… everyone got crazy!

Paddy Field @ Sekinchan

I drove in and soon we were surrounded by paddy field.

Paddy Field @ Sekinchan
Harvest time!

Paddy Field @ Sekinchan

Paddy Field @ Sekinchan

I think we are too obsessed with the scenery. It’s just too awesome.

Paddy Field @ Sekinchan

Paddy Field @ Sekinchan

We drove around a little looking for other nice spots… just forgot we actually have not had anything for lunch yet. @.@”

And they just won’t leave the paddy alone… -___-”

Lotus along Irrigation

We finally left for late late late lunch (notice the late X 3.. it was already close to 5pm when we had our lunch) nearby. Thereafter we did a short detour to the fishing village and the dirty and smelly beach. Nothing much to do there so we decided to call it a day.

On the way out, the sun was setting down nicely and again we decided to give another shot at paddy field again, this time for sunset.

Sunset @ Sekinchan Paddy Field

That day truly belonged to us!

More photos: Sekinchan at Flickr


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  1. mayukoDec 3, 08

    beautiful view at sekinchan…. Although hot but its worth for u all lah..

  2. KaiDec 26, 08

    hehehe, welcome to our hometown, ya it’s a nice place. Visit again ya. hahahahaha!

  3. […] last trip to Sekinchan was on 2008, and it was a blast. So, I prayed hard for this trip so that it will be a fruitful one, […]


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