Bali Escapade – Part II

Continuation from Part I

Bagus stopped by the roadside overlooking the superb rice terraces. We were very excited to see such marvelous views, something we don’t see in Malaysia.

How can you not getting excited upon seeing such view?

We tried to get to the terrace as close as possible… and this is closest I could get.


Another view

The cultivation season has just begun, with terraces being filled with water before they start planting them.

Let’s camwhore!

We adjourned to a nearby warung which is also overlooking the rice terraces. We were overly happy sitting down in a hut sipping drinks while enjoying the superb view – only to be spoilt by sudden heavy rain! LOL!


Notice the sudden change to the sky compared to the above photo..

It took some time before we left the place and back to Kuta.

We were debating whether to eat at Poppies or Made Warung, so in the end we unanimously decided to splurge it at Poppies.

Food was nice, although some were a tad too oily.



Poppies Restaurant is a nice place to dine in, the ambiance is already worth paying for.

Poppies Restaurant

Poppies Restaurant

Our night’s plan was to walk around Kuta Square and Discovery Shopping Mall before calling it a day.


We checked out on Day 3 as we were planning a night’s stay at Lovina. So, after breakfast, Bagus and Dena (yes, he miraculously recovered! Haha) brought us to the first destination of the day, Pura Luhur Batukaru.

Batukaru temple is one of the six national temples in Bali, and it sits on the southern slope of the second highest volcano in Bali. Probably because of its location which is situated in forested area, Pura Luhur Batukaru is less visited by tourists compared to other temples, therefore it is very quiet and peaceful.

Dena provided us with sarongs which we wore it happily. I even took the headgear or udeng and wore it for the rest of the day!

Pura Batu Karu
Crazy people

We took few but brief walks around the temple. Because of its existence which spans several decades, everything looks so old, dilapidated and worn-out.

Pura Batu Karu

Pura Batu Karu
With Dena..

Pura Batu Karu
Cutie me.. wahahaha

Pura Batu Karu

We left after spending close to an hour there – it was a relaxed visit because of the quiet environment plus it’s a bit cold, so we really enjoyed ourselves there.

Next up… Jatiluih.


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  1. IvyAug 18, 09

    thanks for choose Popiah restaurant instead of made warung..
    but sorry for u guys.. cos no chance to have made warung..

  2. chleongAug 18, 09

    Popiah your head ar!! What restaurant is that?? Hahaha….

    There is always next time lar.. no worries wor..

  3. IvyAug 18, 09

    hahha.. Poppies .. I hope next time.. can come soon lor..hohoho

  4. kennyAug 18, 09

    Popiah!!! LoL…almost burst me…laughing…but i din notice it until commented about popiah…LoL…

    let’s go again…anniversary…haha…but muz remember to make reservation lor…

  5. chleongAug 18, 09

    she is trying to be funny… obviously…


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