Bali Escapade – Part IV

Continuation from Part III

We woke up early on the fourth day because we were all out to catch wild dolphins in open sea! Haha! How do you catch them???

Hell no!

Dolphins are so adorable, we are watching them only….

Lovina Dolphin Watching
Good morning, Lovina!

We set out together with Dena and boat captain when the sun barely warmed up to our faces. There were about fifty boats heading out at the same time, so I was a bit worried we might freaked out the dolphins.

That morning was beautiful. The sky, the cloud, the sea, everything looked awesome in my eyes. I never stopped taking photos of the beautiful sunrise until the first sighting of dolphins.

Lovina Dolphin Watching

When the sun warmed up the blue sea, more dolphins were sighted. We were of course excited to be able to see them live. However the most exciting part was whenever dolphins are sighted, all the boats will rush to the spot. It looks more like treasure hunt! Haha!

Lovina Dolphin Watching
Camwhoring while waiting for the dolphins..

Lovina Dolphin Watching
Dolphin hunters!

There was a part when few herds of dolphins (dolphins swim in a group) swam around our boat! We almost jumped for joy because of dolphins overdosed! Haha! I managed to capture it on video too!

Lovina Dolphin Watching
Spot the dolphins!

We were all happy and satisfied with the day’s catch. Never in my life I would be able to see so many wild dolphins swimming around. I would certainly recommend this to everyone who is planning to visit Bali. But, there is no guarantee for the dolphins to appear in front of your naked eyes, so pray hard before you go!

We returned to our hotel for breakfast before packing and leaving the hotel.

Sunari Villas and Spa Resort

Dena and Bagus drove us to Banjar hot spring for a soak, but we were ill-prepared. So we just walked around and did some shopping around the area.

Air Panas Banjar
One photo to show because want to show respect to all other naked visitors.. haha

Thereafter, we continued our journey back to Kuta, but not before passing by scenic Pupuan. It offers panoramic views of rice fields! Yeah, I don’t know but we never get bored of these rice fields!

I feel good!

Arghh! Hot sun!

We had lunch somewhere along Pupuan, a small warung by the roadside overlooking rice fields again! There were only three choices of food; nasi goreng, mee sup and mee goreng. We had all of them, and they were so good!! Haha!

Lunch at nearby warung

Take your time…

Few hours later came the saddest part of the trip was when we had to bade goodbye with Bagus and Dena after they dropped us at Harris Resort Kuta. Part of me wanted to extend Dena’s service, but I had no choice. We exchanged few words and I told them they were such good guides that we promised to look for them when we come back the next time.

Why Harris? I had no idea. This wasn’t our choice in the first place but was told of our hotel change last minute. Frankly speaking, it wasn’t a bad hotel. At least, it’s near Kuta beach.

Harris Kuta Resort
The entrance

Harris Kuta Resort
One of the rooms

After checking in and settled everything, we took a brief stroll along Kuta beach. The sky was really brilliant that evening!

Kuta Beach
OMG! Blue sky!!!

Wide madness!

Nice sun!

For the rest of the evening, we walked along the Kuta streets, tried the foot massage, bought things at Matahari before splurging again at Hard Rock Cafe, our supposedly “last good meal” of the trip!

The Streets of Kuta
Bali bombing memorial site

Chillin' at Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock!

It was already quite late when we were back to our hotel and it didn’t take long before the arrival of the rest of the members from KL.


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