Bali Escapade – Part VI

Continuation from Part V

I could not ask for any better to begin my seventh day in Bali. That morning, I felt fine although at certain times I still felt a bit nauseous but nobody knew what I tried to hide from them. (*puts on fake smiles, pretend everything is ok*)

Nevertheless, we checked out from the hotel and Pak Adhi brought us to Bali Rich Villa in Seminyak, our final accommodation of the day.

The villa has two bedroom, kitchen, garden and private pool. Of course it looks nice and awesome. (See pics below)

Bali Rich Villa, Seminyak
One of the rooms

Private pool

Bali Rich Villa, Seminyak
My room

We went for lunch nearby Seminyak – and again the food sucks. Even the superb rice field view failed to compensate for this one. However, we took a lot of pics since no other customer was there.

Lunch Randoms

Lunch Randoms

We headed to Tanjung Benoa for watersports activities after lunch. Since we were ill-prepared to take part in any of the watersports, some opted for dry versions like parasailing. The rest just chilled out there enjoying the cool breeze under hot sun.

Tg. Benoa
High up in the sky

Tg. Benoa
The two daredevils

Done with that, we continued our journey to Uluwatu but before that stopped at a place where you can see four different worship places being built side by side. It’s nothing really significant, anyway.

Somewhere in Bali


It took further 20 minutes to reach Uluwatu, each of us given sarong to wear and we were prepared for monkeys onslaught but then there was no monkey around, not even one! Anyway, the visit was fruitful as the weather played its part again. It is really scenic.

We look so sexy!



We were “chauffeured” back to Seminyak, and thought of having dinner at Made Warung. Much to our surprise, it was full! Feeling dejected, we walked around aimlessly and spotted another warung called Bale Bali. The food was quite good too.


We spent whole morning at the villa, enjoying as much as we can. When it was about time, we finally checked out and realized that it was time to face reality again.

Thanks for reading! – END –

Check out these photosets from my Flickr and remember to leave some comments before you leave.

Bali Rich Villa, Seminyak

Lunch Randoms

Tg. Benoa

Somewhere along Uluwatu



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    so FAST end liao ah…..!!!! OH NO…..

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    yeah.. what to do… 7 days too short… haha

  3. seemunAug 31, 09

    ohh man…shiok nya!!!!


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