Taman Negara Getaway (1)

28-30 May 2010.

Had to put in the actual date because I tend to post outdated things.

So, the 5 of us crazily signed up for 3D2N package to Taman Negara, Pahang. I have mentioned this place 38920593 times in front of my friends each time they ask for places to travel. The reality is, I have made it finally and it was an awesome trip albeit some misadventures. 🙂

We drove all the way to Jerantut on a slow but lovely Friday morning. Almost got lost in some Felda plantation due to stupid Garmin navigation but emerged unscathed after 30 minutes driving past the darn plantation. Reached NKS Cafe at around noon for registration and lunch which was provided as part of the package. There were a lot of people especially angmohs joining the trip that day.

At NKS Cafe
The package comes with lunch + T-shirt.

Since it was Friday and the shuttle bus which will bring us to Kuala Tembeling jetty not scheduled to depart until 2PM, we drove around the quiet town, shopped a bit before heading back and had some drinks at a nearby coffee shop.

At NKS Cafe
Before boarding the shuttle bus
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The journey to Kuala Tembeling took about 15 minutes. We then took the stairs down to the jetty. I was amazed by the sheer size of Sungai Pahang. And not amused by the color of the river – resembles teh tarik!! The boat is not the speedboat type, it has a narrow, long wooden body and each row fits two. Each boat can accommodate around 14 people. I don’t really feel safe being on that kind of boat, what more being on the boat for 3 freaking hours!! Yes, you heard me.. THREE hours on a boat!!

At Kuala Tembeling
The teh tarik river and the boat

Sungai Pahang, Kuala Tembeling
The unforgiving weather… and blue blue sky!

So, what did I do for three hours? A lot. The boat ride was a lot more interesting than I had thought earlier. First, you get to see a lot of trees on both sides of the river. Second, since some parts of rivers are shallow or littered with huge rocks, the boat captain has to maneuver his boat carefully. Sometimes, for no reason, he will steer the boat close to river banks so we get to see what’s in the dense forest. Third, taking photos of just everything. The couple behind me was lucky – they were my models which I forcefully asked to pose for me. But hey, being photographed by awesome photographer accompanied by lush greenery is a lifetime opportunity. Kekekekeke. Fourth, listening to your MP3s while enjoying the cool evening breeze and sunbathe in the evening sun.
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Along Sungai Pahang
At the start of the journey

On the way to Kuala Tahan
Riding with angmohs

Along Sungai Pahang
Three hours of the same scenery

Three enjoyable hours later, we arrived safely at Kuala Tahan – the real gateway to TN and also the place where we stayed for the next 2 nights. FYI, you can drive to Kuala Tahan from Jerantut but you will miss the boat experience.

The boat stopped at LBK floating platform aka restaurant aka jetty so we were told to check-in first before returning to the same place for dinner and night activity. And here’s the first problem. We were given a map of the surrounding but the map is not accurately drawn. Moreover, no one bother to tell us how to get to the hotel so to be “adventurous”, we duly walked up and even asked one of the passersby how to get to the hotel. To cut the long story short, we waited somewhere by the road for the agent’s pickup van to send us to the hotel.
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The hotel is not that far though. It’s just that we should not be left in the lurch at LBK in the first place. (End of Part 1)

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Thanks for reading!


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  1. IvyJun 17, 10

    should thanks doris for this chances to go there oh..

    1. chleongJun 19, 10

      yea.. so thank you doris for giving me a chance to go to Taman Negara with you… LOL


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