Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant, Tanjung Bungah

Jun 26, 10 at 9:57 pm

During my short stay in Penang, I managed to visit Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant located at Tanjung Bungah thanks to one of our friend’s tips. For me, it is quite hard to describe the proper direction to the place but you can always check this site for a more comprehensive and detailed write-ups.

We reached the place at around 7.30pm on a beautiful Saturday evening and it was packed to the max. We managed to secure a table for seven of us and the lady boss recommended some of the dishes for us.

We waited quite a while, probably 20 minutes or so but that’s okay with us because of the overwhelming crowd that day.

Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant
Stir-fried siu bak choy

Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant
Eggs with bittergourd

I can’t quite describe the way it’s being cooked. The eggs looked half cooked (more like being fried halfway) and the bittergourd combination made this dish a truly comfort food to be enjoyed.

Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant
Herbal chicken with sharkfins

This was actually recommended by lady boss and it turned out better than expected. Two thumbs up!

Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant
Sliced fish and yam claypot style

I can’t recall much about this dish because I was busy taking photos of other dishes. :P

Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant
Tomyam prawns

Another star dish of the day. It’s rare to find good tomyam + fresh juicy prawns and this one is absolutely a gem!

Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant
Kam heong lala

Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant
Sweet and sour crab

The bill came about RM164 and it was cheap considering the amount of dishes we ordered. Certainly we will be back for more especially their mee suah specialty which I heard is also quite nice.

Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant
569-B Jalan Tanjung Bungah
11200 Penang

Thanks for reading!

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