Taman Negara Getaway (4)

There were so many people waiting in line and we were not excluded. But alas, after an hour or so, our group was called up and we duly lined up for it. And soon, we were up walking in the middle of the jungle. The canopy walkway is 10 metres high, so it was an enjoyable walk and to be able to see more of the rainforest from high up was an awesome experience.

The canopy walkway

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I couldn’t recall much about the canopy walk because it happened too fast or maybe I was busy taking photos. So, let the photos do the talking.

The canopy walkway

Canopy walkway

Inside Taman Negara

We made our way back to LBK for lunch before continuing our next activity, visiting local tribe’s village. We were supposed to be given time to change our attire as one of the activities involves getting wet. Instead, we continued on to the next activity right after lunch to avoid the crowd. After water-proofing our bags, we set out again to get ourselves wet. I wasn’t sure if we did any rapid-shooting as stated in the itinerary because the rapids that we went through weren’t extreme enough. But sure enough, we had fun splashing each other at the river, thanks to the ever playful guide and other members as well.
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After getting completely wet, we walked up to the local tribe’s village which is just located by the river bank. Sure enough, it was a very interesting and educational although things might have changed or evolved over time. It is a small “Batek” tribe, and the village consists of a few huts which are poorly maintained and rubbish can be seen underneath those huts. And I noticed that women always stay in the hut most of the time.

At the Orang Asli village
The dilapidated huts

The tribesmen then demonstrated to us how to use their hunting weapon, “sumpit” and also how to make fire using simple tools.

The bullets for the sumpit

At the Orang Asli village
Making fire

At the Orang Asli village

We spent quite some time before continuing the journey. We felt we were a bit short-changed when they brought us to the river bank again for relaxation. Little did we knew that the boat left us to pick up other people, so we were “stranded” by the river with almost nothing to do.

Soaking at the river
Eating by the river

Long story cut short, we were back to LBK and were clearly exhausted, wet and sticky. And the shuttle van was nowhere to be seen, so we had to walk back to our hotel.
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That night we did not return back to LBK for dinner, instead, we spent our dinner at the hotel’s cafe. Maybe we already had the worst food at LBK before, so the food at the hotel was awesome. Haha.


Day 3.

Woke up early for breakfast before returning to LBK again for a 2-hours boat trip back to Kuala Tembeling. Overall, I think I spent most of the time outside Taman Negara and did not really fully explore the wilderness. I will return again for another round of adventure… well maybe not. 🙂

For more photos from the trip, please visit my Flickr set.

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