LDM Mutton BBQ @ Geylang, Singapore

I’m hungry now and my comrades are all still busy with their business, so while waiting why not write something interesting which I tried not too long ago.


I’m sure everyone is quite aware where is Geylang and why it is so famous in Singapore. Well, apart from being a “red light district”, this place offers some interesting food as well.
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Geylang is actually famous for its frog porridge, which I actually tried the other day, but there is another place which is worth mentioning here, LDM (刘大吗) Mutton BBQ. This small establishment located by the main road is basically a skewer shop where charcoal grill is provided at each metal table for a more personal bbq-ing experience.

Pick your food from the ever extensive menu and choose if you want the meat raw or cooked. We chose the latter in order to save time grilling them.

LDM Food

We ordered a plate of Japanese cucumber as appetizer and it turned out to be a wise choice. Great finger food!

LDM Food

Basically what you see from the pic… we ordered Taiwan sausage, bbq mutton, fresh prawn….

LDM Food

… lamb chop, potato slice, sweet corn (not in picture) and mushroom roll (not in picture).
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Since we opted for cooked ones, we only reheated them over the charcoal grill.

LDM Food

You can sprinkle some spice powder or salt to enhance the flavor of your food, in our case, we just sprinkled some salt over the prawns and guess what? They tasted sooo good!

LDM Food

One thing though, I felt extremely thirsty after the meal – that was why we went to have some frog porridge afterwards!
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LDM Food Enterprise (刘大吗)
260 Geylang Road, Singapore.
Nearest MRT station: Kallang

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Daphne KohOct 3, 10

    Hi Chee Hong,

    I’m a TV scriptwriter. We found a picture of a Shark’s Fin Soup, belonging to you, on Wikipedia.

    May we seek permission to use it? This is the photo:


    The TV show is a environmental programme called “Love Letters to Earth”. It will be screened on MediaCorp Okto, in October 2010.

    Do hope to hear from you.

    Warm Regards,
    Research Writer
    76 Playfair Road
    #03-03 LHK 2 Building
    S’pore 367996

    1. chleongOct 3, 10


      You may use the photo as long as proper credit is given.



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