Australia Dairy Company @ Jordan, Hong Kong

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This particular shop was part of my second day itinerary. I wouldn’t give it a miss because it is the outright winner in All the food bloggers sang nothing but praises about this shop. What is so special with this shop anyway?

Australia Dairy Co
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We were there at around 9:30AM on a beautiful morning. It was just the right time to go as the crowd started to build up. According to some reviews, the turnaround rate is fast – and how true is that, we were given table after waited for 3 minutes.

Recalling more on how rush one would order, eat and pay, I quickly demanded my tour group to read up the menu. There is set menu – tea-time set, fast-food set and all-day set. Yes, all menu items are in Chinese! Lucky some great bloggers translated the menu so I managed to read it up before coming to this shop.

Australia Dairy Co
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I think we ordered two all-day sets and two fast-food sets. Fast-food set only comes with scrambled eggs with toast bread and a glass of warm milk. All-day set comes with additional macaroni soup with shredded ham. You can also choose either milk tea or coffee if you order all-day set.

So, now you know what is being served at Australia Dairy Company but what makes it a crowd puller?

The answer lies in its scrambled eggs.

Australia Dairy Co

This has got to be the best scrambled eggs in the world! I’m not kidding nor exaggerating with my bold statement but seriously, the eggs are too damn good. You gotta try to believe me.

Here’s the macaroni soup which is part of the all-day set.

Australia Dairy Co
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Service was fast and prompt. Occasionally, the workers would check our table to see if we’re done with the food so that they could clean up and prepare for the next batch of customers. Seeing that, we hurriedly finished our food and it took just 20 minutes time from the moment we stepped in, ordered our food, ate, paid the bill and walked out from the shop. Talk about efficiency here.

Australia Dairy Co (澳洲牛奶公司)
47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan, Kowloon
Opens 7:30am to 11pm daily

Direction: via MTR Jordan Exit C2

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  2. Liz YapJul 13, 14

    Hello, your HK-Macau itinerary is very helpful!! Do you happen to have the english translation for the restaurant’s menu? I tried to look for it, but can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

    1. chleongJul 13, 14

      Hi Liz, check this out. It may not be the latest one but hope it can help you.

      1. Liz YapJul 15, 14

        This is perfect! Thank you 🙂


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