Ngong Ping 360 and Tian Tan Buddha @ Lantau Island, Hong Kong

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Saturday… not that I hate it but when it comes to visiting touristy places, I would avoid it like a plague. But do we have a choice here? Sadly no.

Yes, it was Saturday and by the time we hit Ngong Ping cable car, there was already a lengthy queue. Like I said earlier, we didn’t have a choice so we had to queue together with hundreds of tourists. (FYI, you can buy cable car tickets online and skip the waiting line)

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to introduce the new crystal cabin which I think is really cool – but the excitement only lasted for few minutes (for me because it wasn’t scary at all).

Ngong Ping 360
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Compared to my visit two years back, Ngong Ping village has been completely transformed – there were hives of activities around and more shops have been opened so you can buy more without worry. 😛

Ngong Ping 360
The view – still awesome and will always be…
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Just as we made our way to Tian Tan Buddha, we saw few local shops selling one common thing – tau fu fa. All the shops that sell it claimed that one of the main ingredients, water is sourced from the mountain nearby therefore you call it “san shui tau fu fa” or literally mountain water tau fu fa. Well, for me, I don’t have a super sensitive tongue to prove or disprove its claim, but the tau fu fa here is really good. It just glides down your throat without any effort.

Tau Fu Fa

We didn’t really have much time to waste so we went up, did the sightseeing and came down rather quick before settling down at Po Lin Monastery for vegetarian lunch. And, to be honest, I really hope they can at least change the menu for the vegetarian because they served the same dishes to us when I was there two years back. And hope they cut down on the portion because we had problem finishing it.
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Tian Tan Buddha

We made it back to Tung Chung afterwards for a round of shopping at Citygates Mall. Oh oh, you wouldn’t want to know how much I’ve spent in just 2 hours… 😛

Direction – via MTR Tung Chung

Note #1: Citygates Mall is just right beside MTR, offering year-round discounts on branded stuffs.
Note #2: There are buses to Tian Tan Buddha, so if the queue’s too long, you may want to consider taking bus. Journey time is about 45 minutes from what I heard.
Note #3: Skip the darn vegetarian meal. It’s not cheap either @ HK$60 per person.
Note #4: Besides Tian Tan Buddha, you can go to Tai-O fishing village to get a feel of local village, and head to Discovery Bay to complete the journey. There is ferry service back to HK from Discovery Bay.


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