Yung Kee Restaurant @ Central, Hong Kong

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Dinner time again in HK! What would you like to have? Well, we have had enough of wan tan noodles, congee and food that locals eat daily hence we unanimously decided to splurge on some expensive food. (“We” is out of context by the way because I was the only one making decision)

So, off we went to Central and in 15 minutes, we were magically seated in Yung Kee Restaurant. Why Yung Kee? Because I’ve heard of it so much and I want to see and taste it for myself to see how good it is. Roasted goose and century eggs apparently are their specialties.

Yung Kee
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As for the order, of course we ordered the famous stuffs plus a plate of greens, roasted pigeon and a tofu dish.

I wouldn’t say the roasted goose is the best I’ve ever eaten, pardon me because I seldom eat roasted goose anyway. The meat is succulent enough and I think it’s the gravy that did the trick.

True enough, the century eggs were awesome especially the gooey yolks.

Yung Kee

Roasted pigeon tasted so-so, perhaps too dry and bland to my liking.
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Yung Kee

Rest of the dishes are just to complete the meal, so nothing to write about anyway. But then, I had to mention about the tofu dish (sorry no photo here).

The braised tofu with fish is the most expensive dish we ever ordered. But how did it end up on our table? Okay, we were still deciding on which tofu dish we want when the captain recommended this braised tofu with fish. We kind of too hungry at that time, so we actually forgot to ask what kind of fish they would use for the dish. So, when it came to our table, the fish was actually a tiger grouper!
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Despite the little misadventure, we felt it was funny in a way that we picked one of the best restaurants in HK to have the expensive dish. Certainly a memorable dinner for everyone. 🙂

This is the second last post for anything related to my travel to HK/Macau. Be sure to come back to read the last post – dim sum in HK!


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