A Quiet Retreat At Cameron

Driving around Cameron (CH) on a relatively busy weekend has never been easier no thanks to the ever inconsiderate bunch of drivers who think they own the road. We spent quite an amount of time idling in the car while waiting bumper-to-bumper along the narrow and winding road. Thankfully, although there was plenty of sunshine, the weather overall was pleasant with cool breeze.

We spent two nights in CH. Yes. Two. Never quite enough actually. I wished we could have stayed longer, away from the city noise. It must be due to the cozy bungalow that pampered us into sweet dreams. Or the bunch of friendly dogs who wag their tails each time they see us.

Valley View Bungalow
The bungalow

The bungalow, Valley View owned by a sweet couple, William and Jessica, lives just behind the bungalow. Extremely friendly chaps, they must be enjoying life in CH to the fullest.

Meet my new friend, Doris
Hello, Doris!

We did a lot of driving while in CH, since we stayed near Habu. And most of the attractions are located at Brinchang, we drove all the way up to the tea plantation at Sg. Palas. It wasn’t a pleasant drive, there were just too many cars. However, the weather compensates everything.

Let's indulge
Tea time!

We have had English tea, ate some scones and strawberries and made steamboat for dinner. Nothing adventurous actually.

Steamboat at Valley View Bungalow
Dinner at the comfort of home!

Sometimes, we have to pause for a while, look back and take a little time out of our life and have some relaxing moments with our close friends.


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