Nak Won Korean BBQ

As long as my memory serves me, I’ve eaten real Korean BBQ for only once. Well, the other time was when we had it at the shopping mall. This doesn’t count as the real thing, though.

Today the opportunity presented itself again and well, here we are at Nak Won Korean BBQ located at Taman Desa. It wasn’t our choice of restaurant in the first place, no thanks to the other establishment which seems to be packed everyday even with reservations!
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Nevertheless, we still went ahead to celebrate what was dubbed as the final birthday for the year.

20111229-121434 AM.jpg

We were seated tatami style. The restaurant looked empty at the beginning but without giving any doubt, we guessed it must be early. Rightly so about 40 minutes later, it was 80% packed. Not too bad.

20111229-121837 AM.jpg

We ordered two types of meats and few other dishes. Side dishes were served not too long after our order was taken. Unlike the other Korean restaurant that I went last time, the service here is rather slow and inattentive. Though the side dishes are mostly free flow (well to me at least), none of the waiters actually came and asked if we needed any refill. Even for simple stuff like plain water, it took us time to get them refilled.

20111229-122357 AM.jpg
Kimchi Soup

Moving on to the food that we ordered, here’s roasted pork with Korean sauce. It tasted good actually, we were surprised judging from its normal looking presentation.

20111229-122655 AM.jpg
Roasted pork with Korean sauce

Others including this Korean fried rice cake. My first time eating this. Not too bad, but if I have chance to taste others, then I might be able to judge this.

20111229-122930 AM.jpg
Fried rice cake

Of course, we ordered some marinated chicken for BBQ. Nothing spectacular in my humble opinion.

What ended that evening was this wonderful New York cheese cake from none than the only one… RT Pastry which is located few shoplots away from Nak Won.

20111229-123350 AM.jpg

With that, happy birthday to N and K although the latter was sick therefore he could not make it. To everyone else, Happy New Year.

Nak Won Korean BBQ Restaurant
7-1-1, Jalan 2/109F,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +60 3 7987 3004
Fax: +60 3 7987 5004


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