A Healthy Affair @ Soup Restaurant

Singapore food chain is fast making its name here in Malaysia. As the newly renovated old wing of 1 Utama Shopping Centre is coming to completion, more new shops are opening, such as this restaurant. As the name suggests, Soup Restaurant (三盅两件) looks like your typical Chinese restaurant that serves nutritious and overly-priced soups just like Tangshifu. I beg to differ though, and I think it’s worth a mention here.

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Classy yet serene, the interior is adorned with nature elements. It gives you a feeling that you are dining in the bamboo forest. What about the food?

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Soup Restaurant prides itself with Samsui Ginger Chicken (三水姜茸鸡). The chicken was smooth and bone-free, and served with ginger sauce. Adding extra oomph to the meal was the crunchy lettuce which you used to wrap the chicken dipped with ginger. Great stuff.

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We also ordered Steamed “San Yu” Fish Slices (清蒸生鱼片). It tasted normal and a bit bland, but it could be due to the strong ginger taste from the chicken. Nevertheless, still a healthy choice considering the restaurant emphasizes on MSG-free food. Great for health freaks.

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Hometown Tofu was sold out that time, hence we settled for another choice of tofu, which was Beggar’s Bowl Tofu. (Note: I couldn’t recall the exact name of the dish. Will correct it the next time I pass by) The gravy was sweet and lovely, definitely a perfect companion for white rice. 🙂

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Not to be missed from menu was Ah Kon Fan Shu Leaves (呵公番薯叶), sweet potato leaves stir-fried with sambal chili. There’s a mild version which is called Ah Por Fan Shu Leaves. Talk about yin and yang.

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A complete meal should end with a hearty, hot-piping soup. We ordered soup of the day, which was Wintermelon with Pork Ribs Soup (冬瓜排骨汤). It was very sweet and full of flavour.

20120103-125503 AM.jpg

There are many other dishes which we have yet to try, perhaps a second visit soon?

Soup Restaurant (三盅两件)
G210A, Ground Floor,
One Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing)
Tel: 03-77272788


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  1. Chi YinJan 5, 12

    eh, nice photos with ur new phone ah..

    1. chleongJan 5, 12

      nice right? i want korea snow!!!!


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