CH Photos: Kek Look Tong Cave, Ipoh

Taking a break from food, let’s take a walk around my lovely hometown, Ipoh.

I’ve been “conveniently” taking a lot of photos wherever I go ever since I bought the fruity-brand phone. I am amazed at the capability of the camera and the quality of the photos that it churned out.

Well, another photo opportunity came upon when I brought my friends to visit the great Kek Look Tong cave. What a good chance to further test the camera and here you go, some photos of the temple from our brief visit.

20120111-023354 PM.jpg
Entrance from afar

20120111-023603 PM.jpg
Stalactites on the wall of the cave

20120111-023746 PM.jpg
Entrance up close

20120111-023920 PM.jpg
One of many miniatures on display

20120111-024021 PM.jpg
More miniatures

20120111-024108 PM.jpg
Five finger hill??

20120111-024140 PM.jpg
Huge area

20120111-024240 PM.jpg
The stalactites are amazing!

20120111-024351 PM.jpg
Park behind the cave

20120111-024446 PM.jpg
Some deities on the altar

Kek Look Tong Cave
Gunung Rapat, Ipoh
Opens daily, 7am to 6pm
Tel: 05-3128 1129


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  1. peichenJan 16, 12

    alamak…since u got ur fruity brand phone, then plz borrow me some of ur expensive lenses… 🙂

    1. chleongJan 29, 12

      Eh, your comment was wrongly filtered as spam. LOL
      Anyway, I’ve sold one of my lens and a few photography stuffs cuz underused. 🙂


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