Life’s Simple Pleasure @ Kedai Kopi Keng Nam

Unpretentious and still going strong after more than 20 years in operation, Keng Nam Coffee Shop is the perennial favourite of local people of Ipoh. It used to be our favourite place for breakfast on weekend but given that we had to jostle for a table among the notorious crowd, we just had to let go our hope.

Why life’s simple pleasure you may ask? Well, the answer is the goody good kaya glutinous rice. A definite order every single visit unless sold out. There is a curry version which is also good unless you are not a fan of glutinous rice.

20120127-105653 AM.jpg

Another old school favourite of mine is the dry curry noodles. It doesn’t taste as good as it used to be, but I just can’t help eating simply because I’m their regular patron for the past 20 years.

20120127-110124 AM.jpg

Kedai Kopi Keng Nam
127, Jalan Raja Ekram,
30300 Ipoh.
Opens for breakfast til late morning.


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