Lou Sang Continues @ New Formosa Restaurant, SS2

Today is the thirteenth day of the CNY, also marks the start of the water dragon year. We are now in the second month of the year. Time passes real fast, hope everything will be smooth sailing too. 🙂

The festive mood continued with another dinner on a fine evening, this time at New Formosa Restaurant located at PJ SS2. Having read so many positive reviews and with the fact that the restaurant has been in operation for more than 30 years, I was rather upbeat with the decision of dining at this restaurant, but somehow ended up with slight disappointment.

Since there were only five of us, we couldn’t order the CNY set menu but some CNY dishes can be ordered as ala-carte.

20120204-115730 AM.jpg

My third toss of the year, and the first dish of the night was the salmon yee sang. To be frank, I prefer Ben Tdi Wei’s version very much. It tasted quite sourish to me and the salmons were not that fresh.

20120204-115746 AM.jpg

We ordered four main dishes and the first to be served was this signature deep-fried chicken with sesame seeds Taiwanese style. Crunchy because of thick batter, however it overpowered the fragrance of the sesame seeds.

20120204-115801 AM.jpg

Next on the table was Formosa healthy vegetarian bean curd which consists of braised loofah (勝瓜), golden mushroom, seaweed sprouts and bean curd skin. It was too salty for my liking and we could hardly finish it.

20120204-115815 AM.jpg

Our third dish was ordinary stir-fried vegetable consists of snow peas, pumpkin, lotus root and asparagus.

20120204-115846 AM.jpg

We also ordered a steamed tilapia with sweet and sour sauce Taiwanese style. Accompanying the fish dish was a loaf of deep-fried mantou (bread). The fish was not fresh, however the mantou deserved a praise here. One thing I don’t understand, the sweet and sour sauce doesn’t really complement the bread at all.

20120204-115900 AM.jpg

For the desserts, we had muachi Taiwanese style. This is the first time I tasted a salty version of muachi. I even had to ask the waitress to confirm that they served the right thing. Apart from it being salty, I really liked it for being soft and it kinda melts in your mouth. Awesome.

20120204-115924 AM.jpg

Sweet yam in honey sauce Taiwanese style is also quite an interesting dessert. Yams coated with caramel, honey and sesame seeds are dipped into icy cold water to harden the caramel and thus making them look like candy. The yam was still warm and has the right sweetness.

20120204-115913 AM.jpg

The same cannot be said for pumpkin yam ginkgo pudding. Served warm, the mashed yam did not really click well the pumpkin paste and I can’t even describe the taste after mixing both.

For an establishment that has been in operation for 30 years, it is kind of unfair for me to judge because it is also my first visit to the restaurant. It could be the taste of Taiwanese food that I found rather unsuitable for my liking. I might still pay a visit again to sample their signature hot stone steamboat which received raved reviews but then of course, with lower expectations. 🙂

Reservation is a-must as the restaurant is quite small and usually jam-packed even on weekdays. Some signature dishes need to be ordered in advance too.

New Formosa Restaurant (新寶島餐廳)
46, Jalan SS2/24,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7875 1894
Mobile: +6019 335 3274 (Jeanie Lee)


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  1. Nyin LingFeb 7, 12

    Probably their quality dropped as this CNY season is usually jam packed with people. Though a little bit disappointed but it deserve another chance. Must go after CNY.

    1. chleongFeb 8, 12

      Ya.. should give 2nd chance.. after all, not easy to survive 30 years in food industry.

  2. nikelFeb 10, 12

    Last year, I was here for the same CNY dishes.. Great ya..


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