NZ 2012 Executive Summary

Apr 2, 12 at 5:04 pm

Hey you! Thanks for the aptly reminder about getting my NZ trip chronicled on this blog. The photos are mostly done, thanks to a secret software that helped in speeding up the post-processing, otherwise it will take me months to complete it.

Okay, where do we start? An itinerary? No way! It’s too precious! LOL just kidding… Well, if you are planning for one, let me know. I’d be glad to help you out to minimise the cost and maximise the fun! The entire trip cost me about RM8,000 and that includes shopping. Well, the breakdown cost is as follow:

(Note: All rounded up for easier calculation)
Flight – RM1,700
Accommodation – RM1,100
Food – RM1,500 (Rough estimates, I wasn’t sure if we ate that much)
Car + Gas – RM1,000
Admission tickets (boat cruise, etc) – RM1,900
Shopping – RM1,000
Grand total – RM8,200

We cooked our dinner most of the time, buying stuffs from supermarket almost daily during our 14-day stay. Our eat-out meals cost ranges from NZ10-20, and there was a day where we splurged and ate like there’s no tomorrow. 🙂

Accommodation wise, we stayed at 11 different hostels of the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) network. Each hostel gives a different experience, which is really an eye-opener as we could see people from different countries. Why 11? Well, south island of NZ is not your ordinary Penang island, and to travel from a place to another takes 3-4 hours on the road, plus we are doing a round-island tour, hence the 11 different hostels is necessary. Believe me, it’s fun.

So, this is my executive summary of my entire trip. I hope I find enough time to write and post gorgeous photos from the trip.

Day 1 – Christchurch to Tekapo
Day 2 – Tekapo to Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park
Day 3 – Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park to Dunedin
Day 4 – Dunedin
Day 5 – Dunedin to Te Anau
Day 6 – Te Anau to Milford Sound to Queenstown
Day 7 – Queenstown
Day 8 – Queenstown to Wanaka
Day 9 – Wanaka to Franz Josef
Day 10 – Franz Josef to Greymouth
Day 11 – Greymouth to Hanmer Springs
Day 12 – Hanmer Springs to Kaikoura to Christchurch
Day 13 – Christchurch — KL

Til then, if you have any comment/question, feel free to ask. Leave a comment! I’d be more than happy to see some comments. 🙂

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