NZ 2012 – Day 7 – Queenstown

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Day 7


Our day started with typical breakfast consisting of bread, muesli, mushroom soup, soy milk and energy bars. Way too healthy for us. 🙂

We then took a brief walk to the Real Journeys office located just 3 minutes from our hostel and immediately we saw the classic TSS Earnslaw Steamship docking proudly at the jetty.

TSS Earnslaw @ Queenstown
TSS Earnslaw

The TSS Earnslaw is a 1912 Edwardian vintage twin screw steamer plying the waters of Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand. It is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Central Otago, and the only remaining commercial passenger-carrying coal-fired steamship in the southern hemisphere.

Some of you may ask, why do a cruise on the lake while you can do other thrilling stuffs in Queenstown? Bear in mind that this wasn’t in my original plan at all. What changed my mind was this travel show on NZ which, fortunately I watched and the host showed how wonderful this excursion can be. I was sold and the rest is history.

On Board TSS Earnslaw

On Board TSS Earnslaw

Back to the ship, I was equally excited to be on this 100 years old ship. The amount of restoration work done on the ship is simply marvellous. Classy and yet elegant.

On Board TSS Earnslaw

We sailed slowly and further away from the jetty, and we definitely enjoyed the beautiful scenery along Lake Wakatipu. As the ship is quite huge, there are plenty of things to explore around. We checked out every single corner of the ship and particularly, the working area where we could see the crews working on the steam engines.

It took quite a while before the boat docked at Walter Peak High Country Farm located on the other side of Lake Wakatipu. Yes, you guessed it right. We were there for the sheep!

Walter Peak High Country Farm
The farm

Walter Peak High Country Farm
Come to mama!

We were warmly welcome by the host, Mr. Lindsay and he wasted no time in getting us to the sheeps. He took a pail of food pellet and we duly grabbed them to feed the sheep. After being in NZ for so many days, it was about time for us to get close with the sheep and do what every visitor should do, play with the sheep! It was fun and the talk of feeding and playing with the furry animal has finally come true for me!

Walter Peak High Country Farm

Lindsay demonstrated to us how sheepdog is used to manage herds of sheep. It was entertaining, and we all had good laugh at Lindsay’s jokes.

Walter Peak High Country Farm

We then ushered to a covered shed where Lindsay explained different types of sheep and demonstrated how sheep sheering is done. It was certainly an eye-opener for majority of us as we kept taking photos nonstop.

Walter Peak High Country Farm

The package also includes a tea break, where we were served with some delicious English pastries accompanied by superb view.

Walter Peak High Country Farm

With the time left, Lindsay introduced some other animals in the farm before capping it off with some souvenir hunting. We left the great place with heavy heart as the ship sailed back to Queenstown.

Walter Peak High Country Farm

Walter Peak High Country Farm

As we have signed up for another activity, we wasted no time in getting our lunch at The Pig & Whistle Pub.

The Pig & Whistle Pub
Great lunch!

After our heavy lunch, we headed to “The Station” where we took the shuttle bus to Shotover River. It is about 10 minutes drive from Queenstown.

The Shotover River is located in the Otago region of the South Island of New Zealand. The name correctly suggests that this 60 kilometre-long river is fast flowing, with numerous rapids.

We were at the river for the famous jet boat ride, dubbed as the world’s most famous jet boating ride.

Take a unique breathtaking ride through dramatic and narrow Canyons, and hold on tight for Queenstown’s only exhilarating full 360° spins. ‘Can you handle the canyons?’ with award winning Shotover Jet, ‘The World’s Most Exciting Jet Boating Ride’ and the only company permitted to operate in the spectacular Shotover River Canyons.

I almost chickened out as we were getting ready for the ride. The fear in me immediately gone when the ride started and suffice to say, the entire ride was pure awesome although we almost puked our lunch. 🙂

Shotover Jet

Watch the promotional video below of how jet boating works.

We headed back to Queenstown and it was still early, so we walked to the Skyline Gondola for ride up Bob’s Peak.

The view of Queenstown from Bob’s Peak is amazing. It overlooks the town and the lake and The Remarkables provides finishing touch to an already superb scenery. I could sit and enjoy the scenery for hours but we were there for another activity, luge!

Skyline Gondola

I have tried luge at Sentosa, Singapore before and this one even more amazing. We did two rounds with each on different track and we loved it to the max!

With the day getting dark, we had to call it a day. When dinner time approaches, we actually walked around hunting for food but in the end, we decided to go back to Ferburger again! Yes, it is still the cheapest food around plus it’s good, so we don’t see why we shouldn’t have it more than once.

We indeed had a blast from the day’s activities and we wished we could stay longer! 🙂


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