NZ 2012 – Day 13 – Christchurch — KL

Aug 28, 12 at 11:36 pm

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Day 13
Christchurch to KL


Slight drizzle greeted us on our final day in NZ. Unwillingly, we dragged our luggage to the car, and drove around the city looking for breakfast.

Vic's Cafe
Vic’s Cafe

I did not plan anything on this day. I felt if there’s anything which we did not manage to do for the past 12 days, this would be the day we’d make up for it. Thankfully, we were pretty much settled down and therefore, we unanimously picked Canterbury Museum as the place to go.

Christchurch was still pretty much in rubble, especially the CBD area. Much of the area was cordoned off. There were ongoing constructions almost everywhere. I felt so sorry for what had struck this beautiful city.

After our lovely breakfast (and our new obsession with paninis), we navigated few streets away to find the beautiful Canterbury Museum sitting next to Botanic Gardens.

Canterbury Museum
Canterbury Museum

The museum was established in 1867 and has since grown in size to encompass New Zealand’s diverse natural and human heritage. The Museum has become a widely-renowned and an internationally-visited institution. It has more than two million collection items and specialises in the stories of early Maori, European settlement and Antarctic exploration.

Certainly, the visit was just to kill time since we had nowhere to go and it was still drizzling, so it kinda dampened our mood a little.

The museum layout is kinda interesting. It is like a journey itself, starting off with the Ancient People/New Lands exhibit. From there, we slowly made our way through various exhibits that really caught our attention. While these exhibits are permanently displayed at the museum, from time to time, new exhibits are introduced. At the time of our visit, there was an exhibit showcasing the series of hard-hitting earthquakes that shocked the nation.

Ancient People/New Lands

Canterbury Museum
New exhibit

Canterbury Museum
Antarctic exhibit

Canterbury Museum
Christchurch Street exhibit

Remember to put this in your itinerary if you are visiting Christchurch!

With very little time left, we took a quick stroll at the beautiful Botanic Gardens. It is not your ordinary next door little garden, but one of the biggest and most beautiful landscaped parks in South Island.

Christchurch Botanic Gardens
Beautiful park

When the time came, we drove to the car rental depot to return the car, and we were then chauffeured to the airport for our flight back to KL.

Thanks NZ for giving us such a jolly good time. I will be back!

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