Casa de Pasto Seng Cheong 城昌饭店

Macau/HK 2013 – Gelatina Mok Yi Kei 莫義記, Casa de Pasto Seng Cheong 城昌饭店

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Our limited time in Macau did give us plenty of headache when it comes to food. While spoilt for choice, we also wanted to have something memorable and unique in Macau. There were two options in Taipa, Restaurante Dumbo 小飛象葡國餐 that serves mean Macanese food and Casa de Pasto Seng Cheong 城昌饭店, a Chinese restaurant that serves delicious crab porridge. But before that…

I love Rua do Cunha 官也街. It’s a small street in Taipa but do not underestimate it. It’s full of character and erm.. food too. I first explored this street two years ago and making a return for something that I truly missed – durian ice cream.

Gelatina Mok Yi Kei 莫義記 is the first shop you will see when you come down from the bus and don’t be fooled by the shop’s normal appearance.

My tour mates were still dazed from their first bus ride in Macau, so while waiting for them to ‘recover’, I hurriedly went over to the shop and bought my favourite durian ice cream.

Gelatina Mok Yi Kei | 莫義記

It was still awesome and full of flavour. I could eat more but had to save some space for other food.
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Besides durian ice cream, their sawdust pudding 木槺布甸 (serradura in Portuguese) is also equally good.

木糠布丁 | Sawdust Pudding

We returned to Rua do Cunha after visiting Taipa Houses-Museum for dinner at Casa de Pasto Seng Cheong 城昌饭店 because we felt like eating Chinese food. Well, Macanese food can save for next trip. 😛

Since it was still early, there was no queue at all and we could enjoy our food better.

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Casa de Pasto Seng Cheong 城昌饭店 is famous for its water crab porridge 驰名水蟹粥 and no doubt, we liked it very much as the porridge has fully absorbed the sweetness of the crab meat.

驰名水蟹粥 | Famous water crab porridge

Fried cuttlefish ball 酥炸墨魚丸 is something we never tried in Malaysia, so when we popped them, it was delicious!

酥炸墨魚丸 | Fried cuttlefish ball

Salt and pepper frog 椒鹽田雞 looks unique so we ordered one but it didn’t go quite well as the batter was quite thick. However, for us who have never really tasted deep fried frog, this indeed a refreshing change.

椒鹽田雞 | Salt and pepper frog

We took a 20-minute walk back to City of Dreams where The House of Dancing Water show awaits us.


Gelatina Mok Yi Kei 莫義記
9A Rua do Cunha R/C (氹仔舊城區官也街9號A舖)

Casa de Pasto Seng Cheong 城昌饭店
28-30 Rua do Cunha R/C (氹仔舊城區官也街28-30號)


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