That Spanish Breakfast

Not very far from where we stay lies the famous La Boqueria market. We were there for breakfast.

The entrance to the market features a metal roof built in 1914 and adorned with Gothic-style signage bearing the words “Mercat Sant Josep La Boqueria”. It is a simple, yet elegant entrance with two stalls selling different cuts of cured ham lining up on each side.

Mercat Sant Josep La Boqueria
The arch

The market is spacious enough to navigate around. It is not the biggest market I’ve ever visited but you could easily spend couple of hours exploring around.

Mercat Sant Josep La Boqueria
Cured ham madness!

We took our breakfast at one of the stalls. We were joined by a couple of Asian tourists like us too. The food was enticing, ranging from fresh oysters to cooked food to fresh food made to order. Of course, we wouldn’t miss the staple food as well.

Mercat Sant Josep La Boqueria
Breakfast, Spanish style

It was after our breakfast when more people started to throng the market, making it looked livelier. We couldn’t buy anything as we did not want to carry it along with us as we have yet to explore the city proper.

Mercat Sant Josep La Boqueria
Sweet tooth

We left the place to Plaza de Catalunya where we boarded the tourist sightseeing bus to get a glimpse of the city plus a closer look at Antoni Gaudí’s marvelous creations.


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