European Wanderlust 2016: London (Part 2)

Dec 21, 16 at 10:39 pm

Day 2:

Still waking up at ungodly hours but that’s not the showstopper. After taking a nice, satisfying traditional English breakfast, we took the bus to visit the iconic Big Ben. The bus dropped us at Lambeth, where we took a pleasant walk towards Westminster Bridge for a closer view of Big Ben.

Day 2: Big Ben

Along River Thames

European Wanderlust 2016: London (Part 1)

Dec 11, 16 at 3:09 am

London – Barcelona – Sevilla – Madrid – Toledo – Manchester

16 days, 2 countries and 6 cities. A life long dream realized in 2016.

Day 0:

A red-eye, uneventful flight brought us to Jordan, where we had to endure 7 hours transit before making it to our intended destination. We zonked out very early that day but in reality, we caught in jetlag.

Day 0: Transit in Amman

7 hours transit is no fun!

Australia: Sydney – Katoomba

May 10, 16 at 12:42 am

We didn’t have a good start in Sydney. After a stomach twisting domestic flight due to turbulence, we landed safely in Sydney. The weather didn’t help a bit – severe rain fall and cyclonic winds brought halt to our plans. We braved ourselves and walked under the rain to the nearest mall for dinner.

Next day didn’t begin brightly either. The constant rain threatened to cut short our trips and by noon, we ended up at Powerhouse Museum – the only indoor activity we could participate at that time.

Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse Museum

The visit to the museum was surprisingly good, informational and educational both scientifically and historically. Our evening truly well spent.

Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market

Our 3rd day in Sydney began with yet another wet day and we knew this would be the day where we had to do what we have planned for the past 2 days. So, Sydney Fish Market. Not too shabby although I’d say it catered mostly for tourists as we saw busloads of Chinese tourists swarming the place. I’d still prefer the old school Victoria Market back in Melbourne anytime.

Australia: Melbourne – Great Ocean Road – Mornington Peninsula

May 9, 16 at 12:36 am

I find it hard to recall some of the places lately, so I’m penning them down here for my own good.

I started off in Melbourne for 2 nights before headed to Great Ocean Road for another night. I spent 2 wonderful nights in Mornington Peninsula before jetting off to Sydney.

State Library of Victoria

State Library of Victoria

Our supposedly starting point for the free tour. We have plenty of time to kill so why not take a look at the library.

Carlton Gardens

Carlton Gardens

Melbourne has plenty of public parks that can put our own parks to shame. They are very nicely maintained and I bet they would look pretty during spring time.


One of the alleys in Chinatown

Melbourne’s Chinatown is full of characters. Note that this is also part of the free tour.

48 Hours in Melbourne (Part 2)

May 21, 15 at 10:18 pm

After dinner, some went back to the hotel to call it a day, while some of us went to check out the night scenery.

Starting at Southern Cross Railway Station, we walked towards Crown Casino and its surroundings.

Melbourne CBD

Melbourne at night

48 Hours in Melbourne (Part 1)

May 14, 15 at 11:56 pm

How do you spend 48 hours in Melbourne?

We have limited time in the city and we pretty much wanted to do as much as we could from sightseeing to having the best coffee in the city.

We have not planned things out to the exact details. Meticulous planning is considered a taboo to me nowadays – I prefer to decide my next destination on the spot as it excites me (although we have decided on the major destinations to cover). Something I should even do more often. But all in all, the key important thing to have, is a bunch of travel buddies that ride on the same wavelength as you, if not something bad is gonna happen.

I won’t share with you the negative side of the trip – that’s not the point of this blog anyway.

So, 48 hours in the city?

Join a free tour! Yes, it is totally free!

We joined the 2:30pm crowd and it was totally worth. Although it’s free, we decided to pool some money as a token of appreciation!

As the meeting point was at the State Library of Victoria, we took the opportunity to check out the ultra cool library. I’d totally chill here the entire day if such library exists in my own country.

Victoria Library

State Library of Victoria