The Last Dredge, Tanjung Tualang No. 5

Feb 25, 12 at 12:30 pm

After our epic lunch at Lung Seng, my dad suggested that we should stop by the last remaining tin dredge in Malaysia for a quick visit. We all unanimously agreed and happily drove to the place. The drive took about 10 minutes from Tanjung Tualang and it is actually located near the village of Chenderong.

Now, the tin dredge is actually more like a floating factory, where the chain of manganese buckets at the front dig the earth for tin deposits, passes through a couple of machines to extract the tin and finally the waste material being disposed back to the earth at the rear of the dredge.

This dredge, called Tanjung Tualang No. 5 or TT5, weighs 4,500 tonnes was built in England by F.W. Payne & Co. in 1938 for a company called Southern Malayan Tin Dredging Ltd. It operated for 44 years until 1982 when tin industry in Malaysia collapsed due to low tin prices and escalating operating costs.

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