Oct 19, 09 at 11:59 pm

Places that I used to go or been there at least once…

Gua Tempurung

Gua Tempurung – I don’t recall when was the last time I visited it, probably 3-4 years back. The place looks a bit rejuvenated, the cave still looks the same to me. I wish they would have brighten the place a little more as it was quite dim and we clearly can’t see well.

Gua Tempurung

Another place which I just went slightly more than a year ago…

Wide Madness

Kellie’s Castle – The place where I vowed myself to be back with something different. Indeed, I went back with a different set of camera and lens.

The Corridor

Tell me, do you like the above photo? Because it looks different to me – it’s amazing to be able to capture so many colors along the corridor.

Kellie's Castle

The same, ol’ corridor. Gives you eerie feeling whenever walking past it. But I got the exposure just nice. Perfect.

So, that concludes you do actually make better photos on second visits. (I’m crapping anyway, don’t believe me… ^_^)

Fifteen Tower Tauge Ayam

Oct 12, 09 at 11:18 pm

Something to reminiscence my childhood, this particular stall has been there for the past decade. My parents used to bring us there for dinner/supper during weekends.

Well, I was there again few weeks ago as my friends came down to Ipoh and I thought it would be nice to detour a bit.. I mean break away from usual Lou Wong/Onn Kei stuffs.

Anyways, things didn’t change much – I felt like a child again eating at that place. Just that for this time, I had to drive, order and pay myself.


My favourite ‘appetizer’ because it takes quite some time for the food to come, so we had something to nibble while waiting.


Beansprouts or tauge in Malay – this is a must!

Hot chicks

Hot chicks!

Smooth Hor Fun

Silky smooth hor fun.

Total damage? RM19 to feed all the 5 of us. Burp.

Seriously, if you are sick of the famous ones, try this. It’s located near Silibin/Buntong/Medan Kidd.. ahh forget it. Map it on your GPS – N04 35.740 E101 4.216.

The Great East Coast Tour – Part V

Aug 15, 09 at 12:39 am

I know you are waiting for something from me, but let’s finish this first. Apologies for the long long long hiatus.

We walked to market beside the library and had our breakfast – the delicious and highly acclaimed “mountain water beancurd” + Lembing noodles. I personally think they both taste nice when you are hungry. LOL.

The famous beancurd

Lembing noodles

We went back to our room, cleaned up and packed everything before heading out to the inner part of the town, the only one and the most famous tin mine.

The street

Buildings in Sg Lembing
The street

On the way back

We were taken into one of the entrances and the feeling was… eerie! The local aka our guide for the day explained a lot of stuffs about this tin mine but I did not listen most of the time. Anyways, it was once the world’s largest and deepest underground tin mine.

One of the entrances

Sg Lembing Tin Mining Field

We adjourned to the museum which is just nearby the tin mine. The weather that day didn’t really help either as it was scorching hot and humid. The museum itself is not air-conditioned, thus try imagine walking in when you are already sweating a lot. I didn’t stay very long, just snapped whatever I wanted and then got out and cool myself under the shade outside the building. Nonetheless, the visit was well worth because there are a lot of informative stuffs and things you have not seen before.

Sg Lembing Museum

Sg Lembing Museum
Inside the stuffy museum

Informative stuff

The visit took some time, and thereafter we went for tea break aka lunch at a coffee shop. The stuffs there were so good, we walloped everything that came our way. LOL.

Random food #1 – char siew pao with egg

Random food #2 – glutinous rice

The next visit was Pasir Kubur recreation area where you can picnic with your friends and families. The river bed is full of stones and the water is refreshingly cool. We didn’t picnic there except to have a look at what other people did on weekend.

Pasir Kubur
Pasir Kubur

The last stop was Gua Charas (Charas Cave), a little further away from the town. We were surprised to find a Hindu temple and a reclining Buddha inside the cave.

Gua Charas

View of the cave from the entrance

After spending some time, we finally left the town and back to reality again. -END-

The Great East Coast Tour – Part IV

Jul 22, 09 at 1:37 am

Patience is virtue… I shall take time to update…

We woke up around 5am the next morning for the climb. We weren’t the earliest though as many people already woke up.

We got ourselves ready and off we went together with a guide. The walk to the foothill was served as warm up and a lot of people already making their way to the hill too.

It was still dark and creepy with torchlight helping with our steps when we started the climb. Found out that the climb wasn’t easy-peasy, cuz you need to climb hundreds of stairs non-stop. You can’t stop or you will block the person behind you and thus, human traffic jam ensues…

I nearly lost my breath but glad when we finally made it to the top!

Here’s the catch of the day…


Bukit Panorama

Some human shots..

Bukit Panorama

Bukit Panorama

We spent a substantial amount of time before heading down. The surroundings looked awesome as we walked down!


Bukit Panorama

On our way to the market for breakfast, we stopped briefly at this very old-school public library.

Sg Lembing Public Library


The aging library somehow reminded me of my school. But let’s not talk about my school now and move on…

… in my next update lar… hahaha

The Great East Coast Tour – Part III

Jul 13, 09 at 10:12 pm

With our stomachs full to the max, we slowly made our way to Sg. Lembing. We stopped by a temple on the way, which it claims having the world’s longest sculpture of Golden Dragon. [link]

Dragon’s wide mouth

We continued after the brief stop and finally reached the small town of Sg Lembing. We headed straight to Lembing Court Resort and checked into our room. Since it was still early for dinner, we took a stroll along the small river, and did things we could never have imagined at the first place.

Our room...
Our room is small but comfortable

Outside our room with little durian

On our way out to the town

Hanging bridge

Sg Lembing Town
Town is just across the river

Camwhoring on the bridge

Sg Lembing Town
Louis Pang wannabe

We had our not-so-nice steamboat as dinner + super oily and fat roasted pork before calling it a day as the real adventure looms…

The Great East Coast Tour – Part II

Jul 6, 09 at 1:42 am

Sorry for the delay.. work caught up on me recently.. anyways, here it goes…

It was hot and humid, so we decided to leave and we headed back to the town for lunch. As we already gps-tagged the place earlier, we had no problems finding it. Furthermore, the roads in Kuantan aren’t too hard to remember.

So what’s special with lunch? Shark meat? Not sure about you but this is my first time tasting shark meat. I’m not sure whether it’s legal to eat that but I guess they are using different species of sharks. So eat first, worry later.


We also bought some pillow mantou (some sort of fluffy bun) which was featured in local TV program before. It really tasted good!

Restaurant Thong Kuok Famous Pillow Pau

You can get this delicious stuff from Restaurant Thong Kuok. Click here for more info on how to get there.

We continued our eating journey by stopping at this cendol joint called Mustafa Cendol, but not before we tapao-ed some Malay delicacies at nearby roadside stall.


The cendol was good and refreshing, and the whole establishment is clean.

Mustafa Cendol

We were really full to make our move but we had to drag our heavy stomach on towards Sg. Lembing.

to be continued.. hopefully won’t take so long…