The Great East Coast Tour – Part I

Jun 24, 09 at 12:22 am

This is my first trip to east coast, Kuantan. I have always wonder how unique and different the cities, towns and the kampungs as compared to the western side of Peninsular Malaysia.

That day’s weather was hazy – it slightly dampened my mood as I have always like the clear and blue skies.

Arrived Kuantan and had breakfast near Teluk Chempedak beach. We had curry mee for breakkie at this shop called Hoi Yin – it’s famous among locals.

Curry Mee @ Hoi Yin

The curry mee is halal by the way, I saw Malays eating there as well.

Of course, I tried to take group photos whenever possible – to make sure that I fully utilize my new wide lens. Hehe.

Wide moment #1
Hello People!!

We did not have any itinerary for the day as our objective is to get to Sg Lembing. But then, it was still early so we called up the tour guide for places of interests. She wasn’t really helpful seeing that we struggled to find a place to visit but we can’t blame her entirely as her job was to make sure we really know the way to Sg Lembing later. She only recommended some famous food to us (more on this later).

Nevertheless, she recommended us to visit some fishing villages somewhere around Beserah but then we ended up at Swiss Garden Hotel which is also located at Beserah beach. To kill some time (and also to burn some calories), we lepak a bit there and also visited the beach. I really liked the beach as it’s clean and the water is clear. Something we definitely can’t see on the western side.

Wide moment #2
Swiss Garden

The beach was almost deserted (hotel guests were the only patrons) so we had the entire beach for ourselves..

Beserah beach

Oh and did you notice that the haze has gone too? Yay! Probably the wise decision to head east when haze attacks.. 🙂

Beserah Beach

Beserah Beach

Next up.. shark attack!

The Good Weekend…

Jun 14, 09 at 11:50 pm

culminating of good food…


and more good food…


plus good companion…


and the best sunrise ever witnessed…


Details will be up soon… stay tuned!

1st Putrajaya International Dragon Boat Festival

Jun 7, 09 at 3:06 pm

This morning I woke up eagerly because I have planned to bring my latest UWA lens for a round of testing. I should have gone yesterday evening because the weather today really sucks….:(

Anyway, this is my first time witnessing a dragon boat competition and in my very own opinion, it could be better with more international participants.

This competition (it’s still ongoing at the time of writing) is held at the ultra new recreation park located at Precinct 6 just beside the newly launched Pullman Putrajaya Hotel.

We reached there just in time before the first event of the day starts. Probably because it was still early, the participants simply outnumbered visitors. We did not waste time snapping around although the sky was hazy.

1st Putrajaya International Dragon Boat Festival
Tokina announces its arrival to the world!

OMG! Suddenly I found myself at Burj al-Arab hotel. Upon closer inspection, it’s just a viewing platform. Cheh!! Plagiarism to the max…

1st Putrajaya International Dragon Boat Festival

So we walked around aimlessly hunting for pretty girls dragon boats.

1st Putrajaya International Dragon Boat Festival

The facilities here are superb but don’t worry, it will degrade very soon due to the “third world maintenance” policy adopted by us. Don’t believe? Come again in few years time.

1st Putrajaya International Dragon Boat Festival

Spotted Mr. Bazooka taking aim at participants…

1st Putrajaya International Dragon Boat Festival

That’s another view of the superb facility here…

Anyway, we managed to witness few races before we called it a day… due to uninteresting skies..

1st Putrajaya International Dragon Boat Festival

That’s the beach by the lake and behind is the Pullman Putrajaya hotel. It looks deserted though. Will drop by again to check out the hotel.

Check out more pics taken using the UWA lens below:

Chilling at Sg Chiling Waterfall

Jun 7, 09 at 1:48 pm

Two weekends ago, I jumped on an opportunity to join a bunch of close and some unknown friends to Sg. Chiling waterfall located at Kuala Kubu Bharu. It was a great timing for me as I tried to forget stressful weekdays at work.

We reached there around 10am and soon we found ourselves in the jungle.

The starting point

It took quite some time before reaching the second river crossing (note that the first river crossing has been replaced by a bridge). In the middle of that we had to walk through the thick jungle. It was quite an experience though.

Lost in the jungle

All along the way I could hear the sound of rapid streams flowing and we were a bit unsettled because it rained the night before.

We soon found ourselves in the middle of river trying to negotiate a safe way to cross. No thanks to the slippery rocks but we safely made through all five of them.

Having made it to the waterfall, we sat down taking a break while trying to enjoy as much as possible.

We left after spending more than an hour dipping in the cool and refreshing water. Again we took the same river crossings again to get back and we made it after an hour.

And as a reward, we had the yummilicious coconut prawn at Ulu Yam before heading back.

You can click on the pictures below for larger version.

Maha Vihara Temple, Brickfields

May 11, 09 at 1:14 am

Wesak Day.

Gone were the days where I would obediently followed my parents to the temple where we recited Buddha’s teachings in the prayer hall and later that day, we would helped out in the dining hall where we set up tables and dishes for everyone to have their simple but meaningful lunch. When we were done with all the cleaning and washing, we would took some time sitting in the prayer hall for relaxation. We would stayed until late evening when most people had left. (No, not the temple in Brickfields but a rather smaller one located in my hometown. Just wanna bring back some old memories btw..)

I need to bring back my photography mood (which explains why my camera is collecting dust) and so, we went to Maha Vihara temple with a fat hope. Actually, I have never been to that temple and part of the reasons I went there because it’s fehmes mah… 🙂

Maha Vihara Temple, Brickfields

But I failed miserably in my mission. The mood was just not there. And I didn’t muster enough shots that will really make me satisfied. There wasn’t a single shot of people portraits. Must be something on my mind at that time…

Maha Vihara Temple, Brickfields

Nevertheless, besides photography, it was a pleasant visit to the temple. Except some unsightly scene of beggars who are all over the road leading to the temple. Not sure where they come from, but it makes me think there must be some syndicates behind all these beggars as they are mostly handicapped. Can someone please enlighten me?

Some Passing Shots of Putrajaya

Apr 2, 09 at 12:25 am

Short note: My lame attempt in fooling people which I think nobody notice it anyhow… Happy April Fools’ by the way…


Many weeks ago, we were in Putrajaya again for another photoshoot outing. One can never get enough shooting the same thing though and this applies to me as well. But to others, it may be their first trip, I was there this time trying to capture things in different perspectives.

The first stop we made was at this humongous building. The size of this building is really somewhat a challenge for us because it’s hard to fill in the entire building structure in our 18mm lens. (Yes CY, I know you have UWA lens (UWA = Ultra Wide Angle)). So instead of doing this, I was looking at something different.

Framing Palace of Justice
Palace of Justice

Hmm, what do you think of the pic above?

Perbadanan Putrajaya and Palace of Justice from Afar
Another angle

How about shooting from the ground up? Like these pics below…

Outside Perbadanan Putrajaya

Outside Perbadanan Putrajaya

To capture the trail of lights from passing vehicles, use longer shutter speed. I wasn’t able to achieve the full result because I only set the shutter speed of 2secs and this resulted the light trail being “cut off”. Mind you, I didn’t use any tripod when shooting these.

We moved on to the “usual” place to capture the Seri Wawasan bridge from afar.

Seri Wawasan Bridge from Dataran Putrajaya

The water was calm and I really loved the orange tint of the sky due to long exposure of the photo. Nice…

And lastly before we headed home, we stopped by the Seri Wawasan bridge to capture the purple hue of the bridge.

Seri Wawasan Bridge

Hopefully I can capture something different again the next time I return to the same place. 🙂