Saturday Fun #1 – Floral Parade @ Putrajaya

Jan 30, 07 at 11:22 am

It was a long day, so I had to separate into two parts… 🙂

Feeling disappointed over what happened last weekend, I aimed to make up for it. So, we set out as early as 6.15am! Our first stop was breakfast over at Kam Him Dim Sum Restaurant. With the sky shone brightly, I had a sense this will going to be a good weekend.

After breakfast, we drove to Putrajaya. We were late and many cars already lining up to get into the parking lot. Although that, I managed to park my car and we walked all the way to Dataran Putra. Thinking the parade will pass that area, we lepak around there taking photos of people, building and flowers.

Nice sky…

Enough sunshine to capture something nice…

A lot of people gathered along the road. Sensing something amiss, we walked further up the road.


It was people mountain people sea…

Yah, the parade already got started and the first float car already making its way into the big tent.



More random shots of float cars…

OMG.. Big Foot is here too… lol

It was very hard to capture a good shot because the place where we stand were too crowded. I called up Kenny and he said he was beside the Deputy Prime Minister. So, we walked up to meet him.

We had clearer view on our way to VIP seating area…

The grand winner.. from Penang

From Kelante…

Perak.. Cheh, they promote KK only.. so unfair..

From Perbadanan Putrajaya… and the final one…

Yah, we should watch the parade from VIP area.. the view is just so clear.. now we only have ourselves to blame…

Flower dancers..


Souvenir presentation to the King…

Deputy Prime Minister and Yang Dipertuan Agong

Ya!! Parade sudah tamat!! Boleh balik!! LOL!!

Aiks.. Mr. Deputy Tourism Minister.. saw him last week at Digital Mall…

It’s our turn to take over the stage…

Datins and Datuk posing….

Bangsar’s Oasis

Dec 9, 06 at 12:40 am

Bangsar’s Oasis sounds like a fantastic place. After all, it has Balinese theme, 7 restaurants and 1 full bar.

So, we went there as part of the “surprise” birthday celebration for Stephy. Do take note that they charge RM5 for parking – a turn-off for customers like me because I have to fork out extra RM5 to enjoy food there.

Nevertheless, the Balinese theme did not disappoint. It has a very romantic ambiance. We chose to sit near the long bar. I pretty like their outdoor bar concept. Very refreshing indeed. Since we arrived there quite early (7.45pm still consider as early?), the captain told us that beer could only be served after 8pm. WTF??? After glancing through the menu, we found out why. After 8pm, the price for a pint or a jug of beer will be slightly higher than before 8pm. What a strategy!

Group Dinner @ Jogoya

Dec 4, 06 at 12:50 pm

This is yet another outdated post.

It was time for group meal again after the last one at El Cerdo which was about 3 months ago. This time, the group decided to indulge at Jogoya after getting hyped up about the place.

We have VIP member card so we get to eat food meant for members like king crab, etc. Overall, the food was superb and nice ambience sum up the great dining experience.

Photos after the jump.

The Ship

Dec 3, 06 at 12:38 pm

This is truly an outdated post.

Almost a month back, we went to this restaurant called The Ship to celebrate Doris‘ birthday. The Ship claims to have the best steak in town but how true is this, I really have no idea.

As the name suggests, The Ship is all about sailors and captains. Waiters and waitresses are required to wear outfits akin to sailors as uniforms. They even have ranks among themselves. How cool.

As with the ambience, the interior design is nothing to shout about. As the theme is about ship, you can find things related to it like sails, etc. It’s quite dark, so IMHO this place caters for couples who want romantic dinner. There is even a small live band entertaining guests, but I think the song quality is so-so.

How Do You Feel Today?

Dec 2, 06 at 1:06 am

Mixed feeling.

Why is that so?

Still can’t get over something that happened not long ago. 

What was that “thing”?

I don’t feel like telling. Furthermore it’s already over and there’s no point crying over spilled milk. 

You have mixed feeling. What is the other thing that make you happy?

I’m looking forward to something.

What is that “thing”, again?

I’m not telling you, again.

Why are you being so secretive? You love hiding your feelings?

I usually don’t but this is a unique case. I need to keep my mouth shut. 

You afraid someone reading this might actually know you are talking about him/her, am I right?

Let me ask you. If you found your close friend or perhaps someone you know is talking  something not really nice about you, what will you do?

I don’t give a damn and will fight with dignity to prove em’ wrong.

See, you can’t even contain your emotion well. You should understand now on why I prefer to keep things to myself at certain times.

But they criticize …

It doesn’t matter as long as you take criticisms positively. No one’s perfect and everyone bound to make mistakes all the time. It depends on how an individual learn from his/her mistakes to make himself/herself a better person.

Asking and answering those questions myself – it proves life can be difficult at times… especially during weekends. Haha. Well said.

Have a nice weekend!

Non-Stop Eating Trip

Oct 30, 06 at 10:12 am

A visit to my friend’s house ended up with big grins on our face. We just had the best dinner ever in Serdang (not Serdang in Selangor).

Morning – Dim sum breakfast? It’s not really dim sum at all. The fried glass noodle was nicely done while the rest looked ordinary.

A brief stopover at Sin Seng Hiang Biscuit Shop to buy Tau Sar Pneah. The garlic and spicy shrimp flavour are good!

Late afternoon – My friend took us to a place called Bagan Samak, a village and its famous freshwater fish, Patin fish. Besides the fish, we also ordered steamed tiger prawns, fried kampung chicken and egg. We waited almost an hour for the food not because the makeshift shop was packed with people, it was because the same man was doing everything himself – take order, cook and cashier.

Steamed tiger prawn.. nicely done

Patin fish, although only half, it was nicely cooked as well.

Fried kampung chicken.. OMG so small..

After lunch, we rest for a while lepaking around while waiting for dinner. -_-”

At around 6pm, we went to Serdang, a very ulu ulu place to have our dinner. The reason my friend wanted to take us there because of this special food called fried porridge. Yes, porridge being fried.

Fried porridge. Although it looks disgusting, believe me, it was damn good!

I don’t know who invented this kind of food, but it rocks! Next, we had this mango kerabu.

Too sour for me but still good!

Eating mango kerabu will only make you hungrier. Next up was this Tomyam Prawn.

Looks very hot though

Oh my god, that darn thing was damn good. I think that’s the best tomyam I ever had in Malaysia (Still can’t beat the one I had in Haadyai though). I wonder if the cook is a Thai national because it is almost impossible for anyone to cook tomyam that is just soooooooooooo nice!!!!!

Teow Chew style red fish

They should have served this fish first than the Tomyam Prawn because Teow Chew style tastes quite bland. As our tongues numbed by the goodness of tom yam, we couldn’t feel anything when eating the fish. Anyway, you almost couldn’t find the method they used to cook the fish.

The dinner was just too nice and too hard to forget. We kept mentioning about the goodness of the tomyam as we headed back to Ipoh that night.