Bali Escapade – Part VI

Aug 22, 09 at 12:00 am

Continuation from Part V

I could not ask for any better to begin my seventh day in Bali. That morning, I felt fine although at certain times I still felt a bit nauseous but nobody knew what I tried to hide from them. (*puts on fake smiles, pretend everything is ok*)

Nevertheless, we checked out from the hotel and Pak Adhi brought us to Bali Rich Villa in Seminyak, our final accommodation of the day.

The villa has two bedroom, kitchen, garden and private pool. Of course it looks nice and awesome. (See pics below)

Bali Rich Villa, Seminyak
One of the rooms

Private pool

Bali Rich Villa, Seminyak
My room

We went for lunch nearby Seminyak – and again the food sucks. Even the superb rice field view failed to compensate for this one. However, we took a lot of pics since no other customer was there.

Lunch Randoms

Lunch Randoms

We headed to Tanjung Benoa for watersports activities after lunch. Since we were ill-prepared to take part in any of the watersports, some opted for dry versions like parasailing. The rest just chilled out there enjoying the cool breeze under hot sun.

Tg. Benoa
High up in the sky

Tg. Benoa
The two daredevils

Done with that, we continued our journey to Uluwatu but before that stopped at a place where you can see four different worship places being built side by side. It’s nothing really significant, anyway.

Somewhere in Bali


It took further 20 minutes to reach Uluwatu, each of us given sarong to wear and we were prepared for monkeys onslaught but then there was no monkey around, not even one! Anyway, the visit was fruitful as the weather played its part again. It is really scenic.

We look so sexy!



We were “chauffeured” back to Seminyak, and thought of having dinner at Made Warung. Much to our surprise, it was full! Feeling dejected, we walked around aimlessly and spotted another warung called Bale Bali. The food was quite good too.


We spent whole morning at the villa, enjoying as much as we can. When it was about time, we finally checked out and realized that it was time to face reality again.

Thanks for reading! – END –

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Bali Rich Villa, Seminyak

Lunch Randoms

Tg. Benoa

Somewhere along Uluwatu


Bali Escapade – Part V

Aug 21, 09 at 12:00 am

Continuation from Part IV

The morning started with usual hotel breakfast, and happy to see the rest of the members.

After meeting with new guide and driver, we were off to places like Celuk, Batubulan and Mas. I guess I don’t need to mention what those places offer, right?

We stopped at Kintamani for lunch – it wasn’t nice at all + you get hundreds of houseflies as your eating companion.

Great place with great couple!

Luckily the superb weather in Kintamani saved the day!



We are so cute!

We adjourned to a place somewhere near Kintamani to sample the world’s most expensive coffee, kopi luwak.

Kopi Luwak Tasting Session
The raw, unprocessed and the processed beans

This is the place where one can see how luwak or civet cat and its droppings look like, the process of making the special luwak coffee and also the place where you can buy a small quantity which costs an arm and a leg.

We sampled it and confirmed Nescafe is still the better choice. LOL! (No offense to all coffee addicts out there!)

Kopi Luwak Tasting Session
Buy 1 free 5!

Since it was a bit bored + the condition of the van didn’t really help either, we requested the guide to drop us in Ubud for shopping.

So we were back to the place where I have been on the second day. This time I managed to secure a few purchases.

We met up again with the guide and he duly brought us to nearby restaurant for dinner – nice ambiance but the food was mediocre.

Nice place but food was bad

For the rest of the evening, we just chilled out in our hotel before something unexpected happened the following day – food poisoning.

I was forced to forgo my visit to Tanah Lot due to seriousness of my sickness and later caused the whole group to abandon the plans for the day. We went back to Kuta early in the evening for me to rest while some chose to shop in Kuta and some had fun at the beach. I even missed the dinner in Jimbaran but heard the food sucks.

Nice place to dine in, but I wasn’t there…

It was really a day to forget. I feel sorry for them for spoiling the trip. When we return to Bali again, I promise I will buy you guys a day’s worth of itinerary again!

Bali Escapade – Part IV

Aug 20, 09 at 12:00 am

Continuation from Part III

We woke up early on the fourth day because we were all out to catch wild dolphins in open sea! Haha! How do you catch them???

Hell no!

Dolphins are so adorable, we are watching them only….

Lovina Dolphin Watching
Good morning, Lovina!

We set out together with Dena and boat captain when the sun barely warmed up to our faces. There were about fifty boats heading out at the same time, so I was a bit worried we might freaked out the dolphins.

That morning was beautiful. The sky, the cloud, the sea, everything looked awesome in my eyes. I never stopped taking photos of the beautiful sunrise until the first sighting of dolphins.

Lovina Dolphin Watching

When the sun warmed up the blue sea, more dolphins were sighted. We were of course excited to be able to see them live. However the most exciting part was whenever dolphins are sighted, all the boats will rush to the spot. It looks more like treasure hunt! Haha!

Lovina Dolphin Watching
Camwhoring while waiting for the dolphins..

Lovina Dolphin Watching
Dolphin hunters!

There was a part when few herds of dolphins (dolphins swim in a group) swam around our boat! We almost jumped for joy because of dolphins overdosed! Haha! I managed to capture it on video too!

Lovina Dolphin Watching
Spot the dolphins!

We were all happy and satisfied with the day’s catch. Never in my life I would be able to see so many wild dolphins swimming around. I would certainly recommend this to everyone who is planning to visit Bali. But, there is no guarantee for the dolphins to appear in front of your naked eyes, so pray hard before you go!

We returned to our hotel for breakfast before packing and leaving the hotel.

Sunari Villas and Spa Resort

Dena and Bagus drove us to Banjar hot spring for a soak, but we were ill-prepared. So we just walked around and did some shopping around the area.

Air Panas Banjar
One photo to show because want to show respect to all other naked visitors.. haha

Thereafter, we continued our journey back to Kuta, but not before passing by scenic Pupuan. It offers panoramic views of rice fields! Yeah, I don’t know but we never get bored of these rice fields!

I feel good!

Arghh! Hot sun!

We had lunch somewhere along Pupuan, a small warung by the roadside overlooking rice fields again! There were only three choices of food; nasi goreng, mee sup and mee goreng. We had all of them, and they were so good!! Haha!

Lunch at nearby warung

Take your time…

Few hours later came the saddest part of the trip was when we had to bade goodbye with Bagus and Dena after they dropped us at Harris Resort Kuta. Part of me wanted to extend Dena’s service, but I had no choice. We exchanged few words and I told them they were such good guides that we promised to look for them when we come back the next time.

Why Harris? I had no idea. This wasn’t our choice in the first place but was told of our hotel change last minute. Frankly speaking, it wasn’t a bad hotel. At least, it’s near Kuta beach.

Harris Kuta Resort
The entrance

Harris Kuta Resort
One of the rooms

After checking in and settled everything, we took a brief stroll along Kuta beach. The sky was really brilliant that evening!

Kuta Beach
OMG! Blue sky!!!

Wide madness!

Nice sun!

For the rest of the evening, we walked along the Kuta streets, tried the foot massage, bought things at Matahari before splurging again at Hard Rock Cafe, our supposedly “last good meal” of the trip!

The Streets of Kuta
Bali bombing memorial site

Chillin' at Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock!

It was already quite late when we were back to our hotel and it didn’t take long before the arrival of the rest of the members from KL.

Bali Escapade – Part III

Aug 19, 09 at 12:00 am

Continuation from Part II

Jatiluih is one of the main highlights of my entire trip. I really loved this place a lot!

Not very far from Tabanan (where Batukaru temple is located) lies Jatiluih, which means really marvelous. It offers superb view of rice terraces (even better than Tegalalang).

It wasn’t the best time to visit Jatiluih as the cultivation season has just begun but the views were still to die for!

As Bagus drove alongside Jatiluih, we made several stops to get down and closer to the terraces.



Simply awesome!





We moved on to the northern side of Bali and stopped at Bedugul for lunch. It was a simple lunch by the lake of Bratan, thereafter we stopped briefly at the market nearby to see what’s good to buy.

Bratan Lake

Checking out the market

The next stop was Pura Ulun Danu, some sort like temple in the garden and by the lake. It’s beautiful and picturesque, we took a lot of photos too!

Ulun Danu Temple

Ulun Danu Temple

Ulun Danu Temple

We continued our journey up north but not before we stopped briefly at mountain top in Munduk for a view of lake Buyan and Tamblingan.

View of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan
Superb view

View of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan

After taking pics, Bagus and Dena continued to Gitgit where we visited the 35m tall waterfall. It was still a sight to behold although I’ve seen more spectacular waterfalls.

Gitgit Waterfall


Gitgit Waterfall
Saw this on our way out from the waterfall

After the visit, we continued to Kalibukbuk town and checked in to our hotel of the day, Sunari Villas and Spa Resort.

Since the resort is just beside Lovina beach, I managed to take a walk along the beach to capture some interesting pics.


Lovina Beach

The night ended early after our dinner at Kalibukbuk town to prepare for the most interesting activity of the trip.

Of course, that will be on the next post! Heh!

Bali Escapade – Part II

Aug 18, 09 at 12:00 am

Continuation from Part I

Bagus stopped by the roadside overlooking the superb rice terraces. We were very excited to see such marvelous views, something we don’t see in Malaysia.

How can you not getting excited upon seeing such view?

We tried to get to the terrace as close as possible… and this is closest I could get.


Another view

The cultivation season has just begun, with terraces being filled with water before they start planting them.

Let’s camwhore!

We adjourned to a nearby warung which is also overlooking the rice terraces. We were overly happy sitting down in a hut sipping drinks while enjoying the superb view – only to be spoilt by sudden heavy rain! LOL!


Notice the sudden change to the sky compared to the above photo..

It took some time before we left the place and back to Kuta.

We were debating whether to eat at Poppies or Made Warung, so in the end we unanimously decided to splurge it at Poppies.

Food was nice, although some were a tad too oily.



Poppies Restaurant is a nice place to dine in, the ambiance is already worth paying for.

Poppies Restaurant

Poppies Restaurant

Our night’s plan was to walk around Kuta Square and Discovery Shopping Mall before calling it a day.


We checked out on Day 3 as we were planning a night’s stay at Lovina. So, after breakfast, Bagus and Dena (yes, he miraculously recovered! Haha) brought us to the first destination of the day, Pura Luhur Batukaru.

Batukaru temple is one of the six national temples in Bali, and it sits on the southern slope of the second highest volcano in Bali. Probably because of its location which is situated in forested area, Pura Luhur Batukaru is less visited by tourists compared to other temples, therefore it is very quiet and peaceful.

Dena provided us with sarongs which we wore it happily. I even took the headgear or udeng and wore it for the rest of the day!

Pura Batu Karu
Crazy people

We took few but brief walks around the temple. Because of its existence which spans several decades, everything looks so old, dilapidated and worn-out.

Pura Batu Karu

Pura Batu Karu
With Dena..

Pura Batu Karu
Cutie me.. wahahaha

Pura Batu Karu

We left after spending close to an hour there – it was a relaxed visit because of the quiet environment plus it’s a bit cold, so we really enjoyed ourselves there.

Next up… Jatiluih.

Bali Escapade – Part I

Aug 17, 09 at 12:00 am

Here we go again, another adventure, another travelogue. Hope it doesn’t bore you.

We did so many things in Bali and at the same time missed out a lot of things too. Well, there is always next time, right?

It didn’t start very well on the first day, our flight was delayed by an hour, and by the time we reached there, it was already quite late. And thanks for the recent virus outbreak, we made fun of ourselves by wearing face masks and at the same time almost suffocating ourselves.

We finally got in touch with our guide for the next three days. He’s Agung Dumadi (Bagus) and he was replacing the original Agung Dena ( because the latter was still recovering from sickness. Poor him.

Anyway, we managed to reach our hotel, Febri’s Hotel and Spa and much to our surprise, the room is quite nice. Family type, fit for four, clean and quiet. Perfect. FYI, if you are looking for hotel, try this. It’s near (about 10 minutes walk) to Kuta Square and it’s quiet at night.

Febri's Hotel & Spa
Family suite, fit for four or five, value for money

Febri's Hotel & Spa

We took our late dinner nearby and went back for some rest after a long day.


We were up the next morning feeling fresh, but the weather wasn’t kind enough. We had our very first breakfast in Bali and it was good. Yeah!

Cheers to great breakfast!

Our first destination of the day was Sukawati Art Market located at Sukawati… duh! It was drizzling by the time we got there, but nothing stopped us from walking around. Perhaps it was still early, the place looked a bit deserted. Nobody come so early for shopping lar…

We managed to sample some local food too.. bakso and sate ayam.


Sate ayam

Sukawati Art Market
Look at their silly faces

In the end, we bought few stuffs but it wasn’t the best “performance” from us as we were not fully prepared for shopping yet!

Next stop was Ubud where we had lunch at Ibu Oka Babi Guling. The place was so packed that we had to wait for 10 minutes before getting our seats. The food was nice, not overrated, plus it’s cheap!

Babi Guling @ Ibu Oka, Ubud
Ibu Oka, packed to the max

Babi Guling @ Ibu Oka, Ubud
Babi guling, seriously good

Bagus didn’t restrict our time, so we made our way to Ubud Palace which is just opposite the babi place. Ops, I mean the Ibu Oka place. We took few photos (but I don’t like the photos because of the overcast skies) and adjourned to the art market. Ubud art market is more expensive than Sukawati but the variety-wise, Ubud is better. So, it depends on what you want to buy.

Ubud Palace
Ubud Palace

We all look so tiny…

We strolled along the busy road, stopped by an expensive warung for tea, and then left Ubud for Tegalalang.

More on that in the next post!