Australia Dairy Company @ Jordan, Hong Kong

Nov 20, 10 at 12:58 am

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This particular shop was part of my second day itinerary. I wouldn’t give it a miss because it is the outright winner in All the food bloggers sang nothing but praises about this shop. What is so special with this shop anyway?

Australia Dairy Co
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HK/Macau in Summary

Nov 19, 10 at 12:43 am

Heelloo peeps, I’m back from my 3rd trip to HK and my 2nd trip to Macau. This time, I made the move by bringing my parents around on foot (without travel agents of course!), visited quite a number of places and more importantly, ate a lot of food. I shifted a lot of things which were initially planned as part of our itinerary due to insufficient time (aka shopping overload) and also to accommodate my parents as they were quite tired from excessive walking.

Here’s the summary of the things we did. Contents and links will be added later.

Hotel (HK): Stanford Hotel (118, Soy Street, Mongkok)
Hotel (Macau): Metropark Hotel (Rua de Pequim, Macau)

Day 1: Ocean Empire, Ladies Market @ Tung Choi Street

Day 2: Australia Dairy Co @ Parkes Street, Ocean Park, Kam Wah Cafe @ Bute Street

Day 3: Law Fu Kee @ Des Voeux Road, The Peak, Tsui Wah Restaurant @ The Peak Galleria, Star Ferry from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui, Chee Kei @ Lock Road

Day 4: Ocean Empire again, Ngong Ping 360, Tian Tan Buddha, Citygates Mall, Dai Pai Tong beside Stanford Hotel

Day 5: Kam Wah Cafe again, Rua do Cunha (Gelatina Mok Yi Kei, Pastelaria Fong Kei), Venetian Macau, Grand Lisboa Casino

Day 6: Wong Chi Kei @ Senado Square, Ruins of St. Paul, Yung Kee @ Central

Day 7: Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum

Stay tuned for detailed updates!

HK/Macau Day 5 – The Ending

Jun 9, 08 at 2:00 am

For previous days, please refer to the bottom of this post.

Day 5. Since we missed out on Macau Tower the day before, we woke up pretty early on our last day of travel.

After checking out and left our luggages, we walked to Senado Square (議事亭前地), which is just few hundreds meter away from our hotel. It was barely 7.45am and it looked pretty deserted except some local students walking past on their way to the school. We made a quick visit around the square, taking photos while waiting for our breakfast place to open at 8am.

Senado Square
Deserted square

St. John's Cathedral
St. John’s Cathedral

Wong Chi Kei (黄枝記), located at the ever popular Senado Square, is an eatery full of history and nolstagia. The founder of this shop, Wong Wun Chi, learnt the skill from a famous Hua-yuan master in 1940 in Canton and opened the first shop in SheLung in 1946 with immediate success. He then opened the first shop in Canton in 1951 and later moved to Macau in 1959 to the premises in Rua de Cinco de Outubro. During 40 years of stable environment in Macau, he was not satisfied with the traditional skill so, enhanced it to the higher level by carefully selecting quality ingredients. This famous shop was twice selected to perform their unique skill of noodle making with a bamboo stick for the Portuguese President in his official visits to Macau.

Wong Chi Kei
The shop

Wong Chi Kei
Fuhh.. nice..

Wong Chi Kei
More delicious food

After our yet satisfying breakfast, we headed to Ruins of St. Paul’s (大三巴牌坊), located at the end of Senado Square. (Duh, just follow signboards.. they’re aplenty).

Cam-whored and walked around the ruins aimlessly.

St. Paul's Ruins

St. Paul's Ruins

St. Paul's Ruins
Ruins of St. Paul’s

Next stop, we walked back to the square and hauled few taxis which brought us to Macau Tower (澳門旅遊塔).

Portuguese Tarts
Grabbed this on our way to Senado Square

What made us so eager to visit this tower although it’s not the tallest in the world?

Simple. That’s because we could try something which is not available elsewhere.. AJ Hackett‘s SkyWalk X.

SkyWalk X

SkyWalk X is fun if you do it together with a bunch of friends.

SkyWalk X

As we walked, some curious visitors stared at us from the observation deck, probably wanted to try but weak knees gave in. 😛

SkyWalk X is fun, not extreme. On a thrill factor scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being least thrill and 10 otherwise, I’d give it 2 out of 10. 🙂

Macau Tower
Observation deck

We spent more than an hour there, and we boarded taxi which brought us to Macau Fisherman’s Wharf (澳門漁人碼頭).

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf

We did a quick stroll around snapping photos before headed back to Ruins of St. Paul’s to get some famous almond cookies from Koi Kei Bakery (鉅記餅家). By that time, the whole area was jam packed with visitors. It was almost impossible to walk around freely, as visitors packed almost every bakery to get themselves some local delicacies to be brought back. We did buy a lot too. 😛

After a quick lunch at Senado Square, we walked back to hotel and prepared to get to the airport.

By the time we got to airport, we were already so tired but glad as the trip finally came to the end. After months of preparation which includes intensive research, our hard work paid off almost quite handsomely. I think most of us got the things we wanted (but not needed).

I’m not sure when I’ll be making my way back to HK, but I will overlook Macau for the time being. The people of Macau, based on my experience, are truly different from HK in terms of politeness.


Thank you a gazillion times to Ivy, Kitty and PC for your help in researching those areas like food. Without them, we wouldn’t be having so much delicious food.

Thank you Kenny and Doris for time spent on preparing the budget although I still unsure how much I’ve spent. Haha. But I’m sure others utilize it pretty well. Thanks!

Thanks JZ for booking the accommodation in Macau. I wouldn’t recommend East Asia Hotel to anyone because it looks pretty bad (especially the lifts) but if you wanna save cost, this is the right hotel. It’s very near to major places like Senado Square.

Organizing a trip for 11 person is a mundane and tiring job because you can’t make everyone happy. There were plenty of dramas in the process and this made me tired thinking about it.

In the end, I’m just glad to be able to see the world with a bunch of crazy friends.

Til then, thanks for catching up with my travelogue. END.

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HK/Macau Day 4 – Leaving HK for Macau

Jun 7, 08 at 10:25 pm

Missing the past days? Click for Day 1, 2 and 3

It’s the fourth and our last day in HK. We woke up a little late, probably too tired. I think traveling doesn’t make you relax nowadays, it’ll tire you even more!

After getting ourselves ready, We walked to Sai Yeung Choi Street South (西洋菜街) for breakfast.

What’s good regarding our meals that you don’t see us at those fast food joints. Heh.

Push Cart Noodle Shop
The shop

The food we had was called “push-cart noodles” (車仔麺) and it was very famous with the locals. And the shop that we went is called 极之好粥面茶餐厅 (loosely translates into Very Good Noodles & Congee Restaurant). It’s located at Soy Street (豉油街), a street off Sai Yeung Choi Street South.

Push Cart Noodle Shop
“Sam Pan” Congee (艇仔粥)

Push Cart Noodle Shop
“Push cart noodles” (車仔麺)

Push Cart Noodle Shop

After filling up our tummies, we took MTR too Wong Tai Sin Temple (黃大仙祠), famed for the many prayers answered: “What you request is what you get” (有求必應) via a practice called Kau Cim. Its popularity even reach those from China that the whole temple was jam-packed by them.

Most of us quickly walked around the temple while the rest headed to the main altar to perform some prayers aka Kau Cim.

Wong Tai Sin Temple
Garden at the back of the temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple

We hauled ourselves back to Mongkok but before that we stopped by this cake shop, Hang Heung Bakery (恆香老餅家) to get some famous wife biscuits.

It was proceeded by checking out, which we duly left our belongings at the hostel for last minute shopping.

We finally headed back to ferry terminal at Sheung Wan (上環) and took TURBOJET ferry back to Macau.

By then, we all looked but jaded and we were quite out of schedule. After checking in to our hotel, we went for really late lunch nearby.

The sky was getting darker by the time we finished with our meals, and we left searching for buses to get ourselves to Macau Tower.

What’s worse was when we took the right bus but it was going the other way round. We had no choice but to get down at somewhere else before asking for directions. Even worse, rain did not help at all.

It was already dark so we decided to change our itinerary, and we unanimously picked The Venetian as the next destination.

Fast forwarded to an hour later (phew, really not interested to elaborate the process of getting there), we were at the latest casino resort in Macau.

The Venetian Macao Casino and Resorts (澳門威尼斯人渡假村酒店) is a 40-story, $1.8 billion anchor for the 7 resort hotels which are under construction on the Cotai Strip in Macau. The 10,500,000-square-foot (980,000 m²) Venetian Macao is modeled on its sister casino resort – the The Venetian in Las Vegas – and is the largest single structure hotel building in Asia and the second-largest building in the world.

Venetian Macau
Outside view

Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau

We spent quite some time in the resort which includes the most-photographed San Luca canal. Much to my surprise, there’s Man United store – that’s the place where I “lost” my money, instead of the casino. Haha.

Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau

By the time we left, it was already quite late and we decided to get some rest to prepare for Day 5.

Day 4 photos on Flickr


极之好粥面茶餐厅 (Very Good Noodles and Congee Restaurant)
21C Soy Street, Mongkok.
Mongkok MTR Station Exit E.

HK/Macau Day 3 – Walk, Walk and More Walk!

May 26, 08 at 11:10 pm

Are you missing Day 2 or perhaps Day 1?

Day 3. This morning we had to wake up unusually early just because we wanted to try what Hongkies do every morning, which is to have dim sum as breakfast.

Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓) may look like any other dim sum establishment, but its rich history dated back to our grandparents time won our votes of confidence. Located at Wellington Street in Central, it took quite a distance walking to reach that place. Be warned though, as when you stepped in, you will feel like an alien because everyone else will give you a surprise look. Yes, this shop is mostly frequented by old folks, hence we got this kind of weird look.

Nevertheless, judging from the crowd, it was a joy to have managed to get ourselves a table that can fit all of us. Without being told, tea was served on the table too.

Lin Heung Tea House
Cheong fun

Lin Heung Tea House

Lin Heung Tea House

Lin Heung Tea House

Lin Heung Tea House

Lin Heung Tea House

HK/Macau Day 2 – Shop n’ Eat!

May 20, 08 at 11:02 pm

Read about Day 1 here.

Second day. Woke up around 7am and found out it was raining, albeit slight drizzle. A little while later, well to my surprise, the weather was cool and crisp.
Everyone looked tired and jaded because of lack of rest.

An hour later, we started the day’s plan with a breakfast at Mongkok Road, the Ocean Empire (海皇粥店). This wasn’t a random find. We actually targeted few eateries for our meals so this was one of them. Just glad that we found it.

And it was a perfect breakfast. Just nice. The congee tasted so smooth and rich. Jar leung was good. Aih.. everything also good, ok? 😛

Ocean Empire Porridge

Ocean Empire Porridge
Jar leung (炸腸)

Ocean Empire Porridge
“Sam Pan” Congee (艇仔粥)

Ocean Empire Porridge

My itinerary for Day 2 was a bit “loose”, meaning we might have extra time to do any unplanned activities.

While majority went for Disneyland, the four of us started our own little adventure.