HK/Macau Day 1 – A Tiring Day!

May 11, 08 at 10:58 pm

Beep beep beep

The sound from the alarm announced the start of yet another trip. It was freaking 2 in the morning. I barely slept for two hours.

Fast forward to two hours later, we ended up at LCC-T, all getting hyped up. I was at my usual self, still thinking on my 2nd day itinerary and other silly stuffs. I think I worried too much.

And so the flight took exactly three hours forty five minutes. I had a bad back because my seat could not be reclined as our seats are beside the emergency door. T_T What a luck…

It was the start of the adventure as we stepped into Macau… hoping all the preparations will pay off handsomely.

First hurdle, get a taxi to Terminal Marítimo (港澳码头). No problem as taxis are easily accessible outside the airport. Got to the terminal in 15 minutes. Yay!

Second hurdle, to buy TurboJet ferry tickets to Hong Kong. I was confused because there are so many counters; but luckily ended up at the right counter. *applause applause*

Now problem began to crop up. Where the heck is the departure hall? OMG there was only 5 minutes left before the ferry departs. We dashed to the departure hall (blame the confusing signboard), proceeded to the immigration and ran all the way to our ferry with our heavy luggages in hand!! I think I understand the pain of being free and easy. T_T

Discover Hong Kong: Part 16 (Final)

Jan 5, 07 at 2:41 pm

This is the last post.. won’t torture you again with HK story.. lol! Enjoy!

Phew, very the sien.. lol.. I just simply snapped whatever that came along my way because I couldn’t care less.

Shaolin temple

Don’t know what mountain is this..

Haha.. this one is in Nanjing!!!

My legs were shaking.. shouting for a rest because we have been walking for quite some time and the exit was no where to be seen.

This one is in Shanghai.. hahaha

Focus a bit at the details..

OMG.. so many people.. so detailed..

Summer Palace..

Reach Temple of Heaven…

And found out Forbidden City is just right next to it… lol

And the details..

Great Wall…

Some finer details of the Mongolians..

Visit was finally over as we headed to the exit. Saw some performers near the exit.

Fake pork…

Saw a lot of souvenirs but didn’t bother to buy any..

Calligraphy anyone?

We took dinner at Shenzhen before heading back to HK. From Lo Wu, we took train to Hong Hum station near Tsim Tsa Tsui. After checking in, we went to Ladies’ Market again, which is 10 minutes walk from our hotel and we shopped like there’s no tomorrow.

Besides, we also sampled some of the famous curry fishball, stinking beancurd and many other weird food. Hahaha.

Had some nice noodles in this shop..

Over the next day, we had dim sum again before heading back. Don’t know why, but we never felt bored eating the same stuff for few days. And that breakfast ended our visit to HK before we embarked another long hours journey back home!


Discover Hong Kong: Part 15

Jan 4, 07 at 3:54 pm

And we kept on walking like there’s no end.. so tiring..

Reach US liao..

But flew to Brazil…

Then back to visit The White House..

What kind of trip is this? Fly here fly there.. hahaha

Supposed to be in Dinosaurland, but those photos looked so boring, so I skipped lar.. lol

Flew back to UK…

Can’t stop taking photos of the grand Eiffel Tower

Is this Big Ben?

What about this?

Batu… or Stonehenge

Ben Besar again..

Beckingham Buckingham Palace…

This must be in Russia..

Don’t ask.. no idea..

This looks like a chocolate factory.. or building made with chocolate.. lol

One last look at Eiffel Tower..

The visit lasted for about 3 hours. We then headed to Splendid China, which is just right next to Window of the World only.

Nine-Dragon Screen… no need go Beijing see liao.. hahaha

Ermm.. where is this thing located in China?

Buddha.. don’t ask where is this ok?

This supposed to be the largest sitting Buddha in the world…

OMG.. I was getting sien.. and tired. When can we get out from this place??? Then I start to take stupid photo like this..

Not ordinary mountain goat.. this one very special one.. he’s got his kkc protected and his ass covered..

Huang Shan..

It is very detailed…

Taken from afar..

When zoom in.. look at the details..

Discover Hong Kong: Part 14

Jan 3, 07 at 12:36 pm

I’m going to speed up my posts.. I’m getting bored writing it.. lol

We began the day at Shenzhen with a super-hard-to-eat breakfast. OMG.. I must have enjoyed HK dimsum too much already.. hahaha.

As usual, after breakfast, we were taken to a factory-cum-store selling China’s precious like jade, tea, whatever things related to the country. Much to our surprise, we were also taken to a place selling herbs. And we also can discuss our health problems with sinseh so that he can prescribe some herbs to cure you.

Half day wasted at those super boring places. Lunch was usual, good to see but hard to eat. LOL!

Finally, we visited the first theme park, Window of the World.

Harsh weather. Not a very good day for photography.

Come and follow me around the world in just few minutes. LOL!

Already sighted Eiffel Tower there…

First stop at Bangkok.. sawadeekap…

Let’s fly to Candi Borobodur, Indonesia..

And fly back to Cambodia.. Angkor Wat.. lol

Brief stop at Japan.. yahh mah teiiii

And climb the Mt. Fuji…

We stopped to watch a 3D show. On our way to the entrance, this China Ah Pek with his wife (I think) were in front of us. And I was so angry with him because he kept on spitting every 10 steps he walked. OMFG!!! I cursed him NIA MAH NIA MAH NIA MAH all the way to the entrance. Sooo disgusting!!

After the show, we continued our journey around the world.

Taj Mahal…

Don’t know what is this building… supposed to be in Europe..

Welcome to Sydney..

Let’s go back to Europe again..

Obscene statue.. from Copenhagen..

Fancy Holland?

Where is this place ah? Sesat liao

Please don’t fall, Pisa…

Where is this place again??

This must be somewhere near France.. lol


Flying back to Italy.. for Colosseum

Let’s go Egypt..

Visiting Grand Canyon for now..

Niagara Falls..

New York City.. with WTC.. not accurate geh..

Too much to post.. continue next post la.. hahaha

Discover Hong Kong: Part 13

Jan 2, 07 at 2:40 pm

Our next destination was a factory dealing with jewelries. We didn’t spend any, so just glanced through.

It was time for lunch, and we had a SUMPTUOUS lunch as promised by the guide.

Roasted pigeons..

The lunch was fantastic and soon we headed to another place. On our way to Sha Tin, we passed by Jackie’s house. Hoho… again I managed to capture it albeit a blur one.. (wei, the bus move so fast and the guide talk so slow, consider keng liao cuz I still managed to capture it.. hahaha.. oh i am so lame)

Jackie’s house.. notice the “dragon” in chinese character..

Few minutes later, we reached this temple called Che Kung Miu. What is so special with this temple is that Leon Lai came here before his concert decades ago. Nahhhh, the temple is more famous than him lar. LOL. True enough, many superstars will pay this temple a visit before the start of their big big mega mega projects. This will at least bless them lor.

The entrance

What do you call this.. I don’t know lar

Temple.. closer look.. and no superstars ok?

After walking around aimlessly for like 10 minutes, we headed to another famous place called Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree. Yeah, it’s the one you see in many many TVB serials. LOL. But this time, you can’t write up your wish and throw it over at the tree. Instead, you only can hang it up on the wooden racks because the tree is dying!

Wishing tree and see how it is protected..

Supporting the falling branch.. this tree is seriously sick..

This is where we hang our wishes.. omg have to share with so many other wishes.. lol

And so after the visit, the driver sent us to the nearest KCR Station, Sheung Shui to Lo Wu. Lo Wu is the gateway to Shenzhen and we will spend a night at Shenzhen.

Upon reaching Shenzhen, we went to China Folk Culture Village to watch two shows.

First show is more on fashion as dancers and performers wear different clothes according to ethics and they are brilliant! Worth your every cent!

First show…

Second show is held at a mini stadium and the stage is huge! Seriously, I think the stage is way too big, and the performers were spread across the stage, making it difficult for me to focus on them. But the show is awesome!

Second show..

Discover Hong Kong: Part 12

Dec 29, 06 at 5:16 pm

I woke up feeling extremely tired due to excessive walking from morning til midnight! And I had to wake up at 7am considering I slept around 2am the previous night!

Today, we’ll head to Shenzhen, therefore we had to be this early!

Nevertheless, we set out to the city to have dim sum again! LOL!

This is where we have dim sum.. kidding… Peninsula Hotel is one of the earliest hotel in HK..

Dim sum again… *vomit*

As expected, breakfast was nice and of course we were full. We then set out to Repulse Bay to visit a famous Kwun Yum and Tin Hau temple located beside a beach. It was very scenic driving along the coastal road. On the way, I saw many rich tycoon’s house, which most of them are located very high up on the hill. We also passed by Ocean Park, HK’s premier theme park.

Some of the photos from the temple. Overall, it was damn crowded with people. Even Hongkongers joined the crowd.

The entrance…

Choy Sun Yeh.. see the next pic of what I did to him…

Yeah… I will become rich soon.. haha

Yeah.. can see Jackie Chan’s house actually..

So we walked around the temple aimlessly for around 20 minutes.

Trying to be creative…

This is Tin Hau..

Please say hi to Kwun Yum…

Overall temple view..

20 minutes was fast as we left the place.

As we were heading to another place, we passed by this tycoon’s house, Sir Run Run Shaw.

And also part of the Ocean Park view which we saw from the bus.

Cable car connecting the two parts of Ocean Park…

I had no idea of where we headed to until the bus driver made its stop…

We went down and I saw..

Haha! Never expected to visit this place at first but since we have plenty of time, we stopped by this place to catch Jumbo Restaurant.

Stephen Chow once became the God of Cookery here…